The Secret Affair is coming soon!


The Secret Affair is opening in a few days, and I am showing you this amazing outfit from FDD Stores called Maureen. It will be available  at The Secret Affair in a gatcha. I am wearing the tunic in black, and it fits my Maitreya mesh body like a dream. The workmanship is top notch and the accessories are beautiful and fit very well. I am especially impressed with the finish of the boots, they fit very well on the leg and are so versatile, I  can see wearing them with a lot of other outfits. This set also includes a shield that I am not wearing, but it too is very well made and beautiful! Here are the details….

FDD Stores “Maureen”

“Maureen” Fitmesh Belt Ultra

“Maureen” Fitmesh Boots RARE

“Maureen” Fitmesh Tunic Utra

“Maureen” Necklace Ultra

“Maureen” Pauldrons, Left and Right

“Maureen” Shield RARE (Not shown)

Click the picture for a larger image from my Flickr page!


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