Using My Powers For Good

Using My Powers For Good

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Where do I begin? Oh! With the bunnies! I saw them and I just had to have them! I am sure they will show up in a few more pictures! They are Cotton Bunny from {anc} at  Wayward Carnival, and they are so cute! You can place them as a group or individually, I did both here, I just love them! I used the Sugar color, but you buy the fatpack with a brown color as well. Cute!! I found this great Antique Chandelier from No Concept, at kustom 9. Love it, it’s copy-able, so I used several here. Very pretty and realistic, one of my faves! I am wearing the Lilliam necklace in Wrought, from RO, also at kustom9. I have been an RO fan for YEARS, I am a member of the group and have almost everything they have ever done, love them! This necklace is very typically beautifully textured, eye catching, and very different from any other, yay RO! It comes in several colors, it’s a statement! My shoes, I just couldn’t pass them up, they are so..I don’t know, Hipster Witch? Adorable! They are from Candydoll, and they are the Victoria flats in black. There are many colors available, (I bought two pairs!) I love the summer boot idea, the laced boot up to the knee, with the sandal foot, Unique! They can be found at kustom9. Ok, my dress, it’s from M.Birdie, out of their gatcha at the Wizarding Fair, it’s called Witch Look Dress A25. I also got the Witch Witches Broomstick in black from M.Birdie’s gatcha as well. They go so well with my Spellbound hair, it’s called “Wednesday” and you have the option of wearing the hat or not, and you can wear the hat with other things too, it really made my witch ensemble! Available at the Wizarding Fair. In the background I have Fairy Lights Drapery from Random Matter in White Wood, you have a choice of frame color, and there is a color change HUD for the drapery. Available at Indie Tepee. I am sitting on the Elysium Chair from 22769, perfect ,winged and haloed! The tree behind me is from Little Branch, Boxwood, Violet, and my floor is from Fanatik Architecture, part of the Ruins, Summer set. My pose is from Bauhaus Movement, called Absinthe, tweaked slightly by me. Happy Shopping!


Cotton Bunny- by {anc} @ Wayward Carnival

Antique Chandelier-  from No Concept @ kustom9

Lilliam Neclace, in Wrought- RO, at kustom9

Victoria Flats, Black- Candydoll, @ kustom9

Witch Look Dress A25- M.Birdie @ The Wizarding Fair

Witch Witches Broomstick, Black- M.Birdie @ The Wizarding Fair

Wednesday Hair- Spellbound, @ The Wizarding Fair

Fairy Lights Drapery- Random Matter, @ Indie Tepee

Elysium Chair- @22769

Boxwood, Violet-@ The Little Branch

Floor segment- Ruins, Summer, @ Fanatik Architecture

Absinthe pose-@ Bauhaus Movement


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