Never Shop When You’re Hungry

Never Shop When You're Hungry

Click on the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

To make a long story short, I was stumped over how to use the Shopping Cart Chair from Kalopsia, it is so urban, and I am not! So I was shopping at [DDD] and saw the Market Crates, and the idea for this picture began to form, and yay! I can be an elf and use urban furniture!

Starting at the top, Genesis Labs Mesh Head, Sunny, a group gift. You don’t have to buy appliers for Maitreya, they are included, along with a HUD with hair bases, lipsticks and eye makeup!

At The Fantasy Collective, I picked up this great Woodland Guardian Tunic Set, in green. It comes with appliers for Maitreya for the pants! It fits great and so pretty! From The White Armory. My jewelry and sandals came from The Secret Affair, now closed, hopefully they will be in their creator’s main stores soon. Julius Crown and pads in green are from Una & Effie, the sandals are from Pure Poison, called Lucrezia, in black. My friend The Cool Socks Camel is from Half-Deer, you can find it at Wayward Carnival. The Fennec Fox, Playful, is also from Half-Deer, at the Main store.The Shopping Cart Chair, from Kalopsia, is at Uber. From [noctis] come the Melithor Woods Skinny Trees, Summer, at The Fantasy Collective.

The background Market Crates Complete Set and the Stone Garden Well are both from [DDD] at the main store.I have also used the Medieval Armchair and Medieval Parlor Table from Ravenghost. Happy Shopping!


Maitreya-  Lara Mesh Body

Genesis Labs–  Sunny Mesh Head, group gift

The White Armory–  Woodland Guardian Tunic Set, green @ The Fantasy Collective

Una & Effie–  Julius Crown and pads in green

Pure Poison–  Lucrezia Sandals, black

Half -Deer–  Cool Socks Camel, @ Wayward Carnival

Half-Deer–  Fennec Fox, Playful, main store

Kalopsia–  Shopping Cart Chair, @ Uber

[noctis]–  Melithor Woods Skinny Trees, summer, @ The Fantasy Collective

[DDD]–  Market Crates Complete Set and Stone Garden Well,  main store

Ravenghost–  Medieval Armchair and Medieval Parlor Table in Weathered Teak


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