Jelly Mer

Jelly Mer

Click the picture to see a larger image from my Flickr page!

Enchantment will open in three days, so exciting! This is an event built around fairy tales, this round it’s “The Little Mermaid”. I couldn’t decide what to blog about first, then this Jellyfish tail caught my eye! It’s pretty bright, like the deep water jellyfish you see in aquariums. I was intrigued, so I decided to build my outfit around it.The Jelly Mer Tail by [D]oki comes in two parts, the Squibb, the Tentacles, and you can also add a shadow that is only system layer if you wear that body. I wear a Maitreya Lara Mesh body, so I am only wearing the Squibb in Black/Green, and the Tentacles in Vivid Green. There are many colors to choose from, this tail is so very different, I just love it! My Orange bra is from the Ligie set  by Gaeline, a very versatile mermaid set I have photographed before. There is a texture selection, and a a main color and accent color selections, plus degrees of glow and gloss ( you can turn them off if you want, I have the gloss on max here.) This set has tail, bra, necklace and armbands, at Enchantment soon! I am layering my bras today, the second is the Ursula Bralet by The Plastik. I love this one, it is so detailed, and it’s delicate ancient jade green compliments my outfit so well! Of course, with The Plastik, you get tons of color options!  🙂 @ Enchantment soon! I am doubling up on headpieces today, the first by Astralia, The Mermaid Queen (tentacles) has a color change HUD, I chose orange here. I love the tentacles! What can I say, it’s a beautifully designed and whimsical piece, with white seashells and tentacles, I adore it!  @ Enchantment soon! My second head dress Is by The Plastik again, it’s the Ursula Antlers Headdress, in a soft shade of antique jade green, it went perfectly with the other head dress and everything else I was wearing! @ Enchantment soon! My awesome skin is by Lumae, and they put every applier known in their packs, every body and mesh head, some I haven’t even heard of, lol! All that plus classic avatar skin of course! They are thorough! Loved this skin, Adore-lanthe, it has the option of scales or no scales on both body and head appliers, it’s a  silvery “fish” grey, I am wearing the version with scales, very delicately done. Please see the closeup picture for a better view of the skin. @ Enchantment of course, soon! My hair is by Exile, called Memory Bliss, I have the Reds pack, a really nice windblown style, very versatile, @ Collabor88.In the background I have Half-Deer‘s Jewel Jellybell in Diamond, I purchased this at a former Collabor88, now at the main store. The Bubbles are by {anc} purchased at former Collabor88.


Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!  🙂

I posted this picture before, and blogged the necklace in my previous post. This photo shows the skin, headpieces, and necklace in detail. Can’t wait for Enchantment!  <3!!!


Maitrya–  Lara Mesh Body

Lelutka–  Mesh Head, Stella

[D]oki–  Jelly Mer Tail, @ Enchantment soon!

Gaeline–  Ligie Mermaid Bra, from the  Ligie Mermaid set @ Enchantment soon!

The Plastik–  Ursula Bralet, Ursula Antlers Headpiece, @ Enchantment soon!

Astralia–  Mermaid Queen Headpiece, Tentacles, @ Enchantment soon!

Lumae–  Adore-lanthe skin, versions for Maitreya body and Lelutka mesh head worn, @ Enchantment soon!

Exile–  Memory Bliss hair , the Reds pack, @ Collabor88 now

{anc}–  Bubbles


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