If Only I Were Human, I Could Wear Those Shoes…And Dance

If Only I Were Human, I Could Wear Those Shoes...And Dance ( Contest Entry)

Click on the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Aren’t we lucky here in Second life, we don’t have to choose between mermaid/merman or human!  All we have to do is change outfits! Enchantment opens tomorrow, and here are some more goodies for all you mer/humans!

Hmmm, would I give up the sea for a beautiful pair of shoes? Of course, I can just change back tomorrow, lol These lovely pumps are the “Little Mermaid” Heels, Gold, RARE, from FDD Stores gatcha. I could dance all night!  ❤ !! @ Enchantment soon! From [CX] comes the Tidal Trident in Silver, a real statement piece, I love the texture on this, @ Enchantment soon! My lovely purple tail is from Mer-chandise Cove, isn’t it pretty, it looks wet!  The fit is very nice, comes in many colors, @ Enchantment soon! The Rock is also by Mer-chandise Cove, you only see a bit of it here, but it is nicely layered and textured and comes with several Mer poses, @ Enchantment soon! I just love this tentacled headpiece called Eledone, I am wearing it in pink, so whimsical, I just love it! Textures are great! by Azoury, @ Enchantment, tomorrow! My other headress is the Horned Headdress by The Plastik, it comes with color HUDS to change every little bit of this, and of course you a a whole lot of color choices, along with the Ursula bralette blogged in my previous post, tomorrow @ Enchantment! I love my hair by no.match, called no.siren, it features a long looped braid that has the option of beaded or no beads versions, I have the all color pack, I love this hair, it just screams fairy tale! @ Enchantment tomorrow!My pose is by NRage, called Siren 1 ❤ it was slightly tweaked by the trident pose. @ Enchantment tomorrow!  <3<3<3!!!!!


FDD Stores–  “Little Mermaid” Heels, Gold, RARE @ Enchantment soon!

[CX]–  Tidal Trident, Silver, @ Enchantment soon!

Mer-chandise Cove–  Mermaid tail, purple, and Rock, @ Enchantment, soon!

Azoury–  Eledone Headwear, pink, @ Enchantment soon!

The Plastik–  Horns Headdress, Ursula Bralette @ Enchantment, soon!

no.match–  no.siren hair, all color pack@ Enchantment, soon!

NRage– Siren1 ❤  @ Enchantment, soon!

Maitreya–  Lara Mesh Body

Lelutka–  Stella Mesh Head


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