Changing The Ending

Changing The Ending- ( Contest Entry)

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

I have blogged nearly everything in this picture previously except…my stylish ride! This is Seepferdchen, “Royal Guard” in Sea Urchin color, kind of a giant, awesome sea horse! Rideable of course, with pose, and available in the !dm gacha with other colors also available @ Enchantment. Love it!  Also new is my hair flower, the large Hibiscus from NSP, with a color change HUD, the perfect mermaid accessory! I have blogged my mermaid tail previously, but here I wear the matching Ursulae mermaid top under the Ursulae Bralette. It  goes perfectly with the tail, love! From The Plastik, both available @ Enchantment. And that is the newness for today!  🙂


Maitreya–  Lara Mesh Body

Lelutka–  Mesh Head, Stella

!dm–  Seepferschen, in Sea Urchin, @ Enchantment

NSP–  Hibiscus, large,with HUD @ Enchantment

The Plastik–  Ursulae Mermaid Top, many colors to choose from, @ Enchantment


One thought on “Changing The Ending

  1. Patricia de Chenier

    Oh, soooo nice! And what a great riposte to Hans Christian Andersen, who very blithely decreed that the Little Mermaid needed to walk in exquisite pain (I think the metaphor he used was “walking on sharp knives”), abandoning her heritage to become human, all for love. Humans are technological creatures, and it’s not at all unreasonable to change the ending as you have – let the guy make the accommodations!


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