The Mist

The Mist

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Where to start? Well…hmmm…got this lovely mesh head, Emily, by Genesis, and I had a bit of trouble with the eyes, although now that I am wearing the shape that came with the head, and I am wearing system eyes instead of mesh, and I tweaked the eye depth and spacing alot…now I like it! This is the Smile version, from the  Genesis gacha @ kustom9. ❤ ! I envisioned this head as sort of medieval or elven (maybe both, lol) So I went looking for hair and found this beautiful flowing hair by Blues Hair, called Daehila, @ Collabor88. Perfect! I have the Naturals 2 HUD, which includes whites, browns and blacks. It looks great with the mesh head! I am an event shopper, so I have been scouting around various events, found this incredible gown, Pinup Corset Gown in Tiffany Blue by Valentina.e. LOVE!!! The minute I saw it @ Festival of Sin 2, had to have it. It comes in several other colors, very versatile, can be made to look Elven or Victorian or modern, what have you, amazing! I always shop Fifty Linden Fridays, and I scored these great earrings by The Plastik, Sinestre Earrings, Chrome Edition, I am wearing them in silver, the set comes with gold and black as well. @ The Plastik  main store for FLF. Perfect with the dress, and perfect with this incredible Headpiece and decor!  Air Magnolia  Luna Head Accessory is beautiful magnolia branches and blooms, with strings of delicate beads streaming down, and the Air Magnolia Tree and decor flowers match perfectly! Both match the dress! I am in heaven! @ Creators Collection Box. I only added Mist by {anc} @ Collabor88  to complete my set, along with the beautiful UniQrn  Pale, Rideable by Culprit, (from past Fantasy Gacha Carnival) and Star Cluster by [keke] @ Collabor88, Simple Elf Ears by Mandala, my pose is Libertad4 by PosEsion…Love it!  <3<3<3!!!


Maitreya–  Lara Mesh Body

Genesis–  Mesh Head Emily, Smile, @kustom 9

Blues Hair–  Daehila, Naturals 2 @ Collabor88

Valentina.e–  Pinup Corset Gown in Tiffany Blue, @ Festival of Sin 2

The Plastik–  Sinestre Earrings, Chrome Edition

Air–  Magnolia Luna Head Accessory and Magnolia Luna Tree and Decor @ Creators Collection Box

[keke]–  Star Cluster @ Collabor88

{anc}–  Mist @ Collabor88

Culprit–  UniQrn Pale Rideable

Mandala–  Simple Elf Ears

PosEsion–  Libertad4 pose


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