I’ve Been Waiting…

I've Been Waiting...

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It’s going to be short and sweet this time kids! I have been throwing myself against the invisible wall of The Arcade, and I have yet to get in. I am ticked. So the things I am showing you today from the Arcade are from yard sales.. I am really not sure I even want to go anymore, the only thing I still really want  I probably won’t get anyhow….but ANYWAY…….

The room is the very versatile Rabbit Hole Shop Building, RARE from Vespertine ( got it at a yard sale!) Officially @ The Arcade. I am on the second floor, I am going to leave this up for awhile, so many photo ops present themselves! I am wearing [Noctis] Envy Horns With Buds and [Noctis] Envy Wings, lately @  The Festival Of Sin (now closed) hopefully at the main store soon. Also from the Arcade, the Tentacio Doll, couldn’t resist, I could pick and choose at the Gachaopolis Yard Sale ( formerly The Pea’s Yard Sale) so I got  the Galatea Doll Head Natural B, the Galatea Doll Body Natural Inked, and the Bra and Thong in Silver, and voila! Love this doll!  ❤ !! I picked up the LODE Head Accessory Crystal, Green, @ Shiny Shabby, and my hair is from Kokolores, Kazumi, HUD # 2. I love this hair it looks so anime! @ We ❤ Roleplay. Zibska never disappoints, this necklace is called Aslaug Necklace (there are earrings too) with the expansive color HUD we have come to expect from Zibska.  <3<3<3!!! @ We ❤ Roleplay. In the backround is DRD Dark Chandelier, comes in a set with a black one, this is a gold tone. @ The Arcade (or yard sales….)   My pose is called “A Night Of Madness” by Bauhaus Movement.   🙂


Vespertine–  Rabbit Hole Shop Building, RARE, @ The Arcade

[Noctis]–  Envy Horns With Buds, and Envy Wings

Tentacio–  Galatea, Doll Head Natural B, Galatea Doll Natural Body Inked, Galatea Doll Bra and Thong, Silver @ The Arcade

LODE-  Head Accessory, Crystal, Green, @ Shiny Shabby

Kokolores–  Kazumi Hair, HUD #2, @ We ,# Roleplay

Zibska–  Aslaug Necklace with HUD, @ We ,# Roleplay

DRD–  Dark Chandeliers, @ The Arcade


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