Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Valkyries were the beings the Norse god Odin sent to the battlefields to pick half the fallen warriors and bring them back to Valhalla, where they apparently had a nonstop good old time before fighting the final battle…so Valkyries or Valkyrie, was sort of a death angel, and if you were dying in battle, you WANTED to end up in Valhalla, lol!

This amazing outfit is from Chandra at !dm for the upcoming  The Secret Affair, called Valkyrie. It expresses the idea of a Norse Valkyrie so well! The chains part is mesh and comes in sizes to fit mesh bodies as well as classic avatars, the chain mail appliers come in system layers as well as Omega appliers for mesh bodies.I had never used Omega appliers before, but it’s EASY! This outfit comes in gold as well as the silver I am wearing. Love this! My headpiece is from Glam Affair, called Valkyria, in the Divinity color, it comes in several colors, and goes with this outfit so well! @ We ❤ RoleplayThe Secret Affair opens September 15th, can’t wait! The theme this time is Valhalla, see you there!


Maitreya-  Mesh Body Lara

!dm–  Valkyrie, silver @ The Secret Affair Soon!

Glam Affair-  Valkyria Headpiece, Divinity @ We ❤ Roleplay


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