Choosers Of The Slain

Choosers Of The Slain

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

The Secret Affair is open! Most of the goodies I am showing you today are from there, the theme is Path To Valhalla, so……

I have layered things from several outfits, please bear with me! The first layer is the Astrid Dress in brown from Lua’s, great by itself, but I used it as a base because it was a bit more modest …yeah, I’m like that. This dress comes  in several colors, and with pauldrons and necklace, not used here. @ The Secret Affair. Over that I have from VKy the Viky top in gold, this set comes  in different metals with helmet, shield  and belt,  I have added the Ax  from Ashe in silver. The helmet and belt are very cool, but I wanted to mix it up a bit. @ The Secret Affair. My necklace is actually the harness  in copper by ieQED, you don’t see the other straps in this photo, ❤ !! @ The Secret Affair. The top layer dress is from {le fil casse} , the Astrida dress in Brass, it is the furry skirt with crisscross straps and solid top , I wear it here over the other two items. It comes with a matching panty I am not wearing here, this comes in different colors, @ The Secret Affair. Love it!  My hair is Tygerlily by Blues Hair, from the Naturals HUD ( there are of course other color HUDS) . So much volume! I love this hair, it’s so…wild, yet sort of tamed, very versatile! @ The Secret Affair.  From E.V.E. I am wearing the Asgard Headpiece, left and right, and the Asgard Wings, left and right, In Gold with Glow ( there are other colors, and some without glow.) Love these, they are sooooo dramatic! I can make a lot of different looks from them,  ❤ !!!!!  @ The Secret Affair. From Things I am wearing the Aigneis tattoo, Fresh, that I have blogged in my previous post.  In the background you can see the Battlefield Chariot by DRD ( a few of them actually, they are copy-able, yay!) from a previous The Secret Affair.   OOps, almost forgot, my pose is from Axix, Lady Crow 6 and Crow Pose props. Get going to The Secret Affair!


Maitreya–  Mesh Body lara

Lelutka–  Mesh Head Stella

Lua’s–   Astrid Dress in brown @ The Secret Affair

Valky–  THe Viky Top in gold,  @ The Secret Affair

ieQED–  Harness in Copper @ The Secret Affair

{le fil casse}–  Astrida Dress in Brass @ The Secret Affair

Blues Hair–  Tygerlily, Naturals HUD @ The Secret Affair

E.V.E.–   Asgard Wings Headpiece, and Asgard Wings, Gold glow @ The Secret Affair

Things–  Aigneis Fresh Tattoo Upper, @ The Secret Affair

Ashe–  Ax in silver @ The Secret Affair


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