Spirits Of The Air

Spirits Of The Air

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It was time. Tamarind’s third eye opened, and saw the spells from Duchess and Sorchiee, and she knew it was her turn to add to them. The Veil between the worlds was thinning, it was time to invite the Spirits of the Air…looking about, Tamarind located the loops on the ends of the spells Duchess and Sorchiee had done, and reaching out with her hand, she began to choose from the strings that bound the universe together, and with her wand, began to weave them into the pattern of the spell. Duchess had released the spirits of the Earth, Sorchiee had released the Wind spirits…as she worked, Tamarind could feel the wings of the Air spirits beating against the fabric between the worlds…ah. There it is done. Carefully leaving loops for other mages to attach their spells to, she murmured the words, and the door between the worlds was opened a bit wider. The Spirits of the Air gave a great cry of happiness, and wheeling and dancing, they swooped through all the Ippos Collective Islands, twirling piles of leaves with the winds, and touching the faces and ruffling the hair of all who live on the Earth. People on the Earth would look up, and think they were birds…
The veil between the worlds is at it’s thinnest on Halloween, when the spirits can enter our world on their own. We in the Ippos Collective don’t wait that long, we invite them in.


Maitreya–  Mesh Body Lara

Lelutka–  Mesh Head Stella

Lelutka–  Eleanor Hair, color HUDS, @ Lelutka main store

Noodles–  Hex Circlet, Black (also in other colors) @ Collabor88

E-Clipse–  La Chemise Platform Heels Black (also in other colors) @ ON9

Bell Epoque–  The Enchanted Princess Dress, ULTRA RARE, @ The Jackpot Gacha

Luxe–  Geometric Leaf Necklace, Black (also in other colors)  @ Shiny Shabby

Kibitz–  Melody Ring Set, Silver, with color HUD, @ Shiny Shabby

White Widow–  Dreamcatcher Tattoo, black, @ Shiny Shabby

Canibelle– Tights, Black, via Omega HUD, other colors included @ The Marketplace

!bang-  Stand 557


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