A Stroll In The Afterlife

A Stroll In The Afterlife  (Halloween Contest Entry)

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

I am going to just say I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!  I am a bit under the weather, I will print the details below. Just go to The Chapter Four, We ❤ Roleplay, and Collabor88!   I LOVE EVERYTHING!!!!!


Casa De Shai–  Griselda Avatar, Pucker  @ Collabor88

Ionic–  Creepy Bunny Puppet @ The Chapter Four

Yummy–  Handbook For The Recently Deceased @ Collabor88

Ionic–  Constellation @ The Chapter Four

Half-Deer–  Deadwood Tree, Spiral and Tall, Frozen color @ Collabor88

Meadoworks–  Gothic Gargoyle and Matching Column @We ❤ Roleplay

Belle Epoque–  Pose, Hope Has A Place #3

<3<3<3 !!!!


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