Darkness, Darkness, Be My Blanket, Cover Me With Endless Night

Darkness, Darkness, Be My Blanket, Cover Me With Endless Night

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

I went a bit vamp-y with this one! Let’s start at the top! My ulta-cool hair, LOVE!!! It’s sort of 60’s-goth-bride of Frankenstein-ish, and I had to have it! It’s called Goth Shine, by Vanity Hair. I got the Blacks pack, which also includes whites and streaks in any color you want! LOVE at first sight! @ The Pastel Goth Fair. My Catwa head applier I blogged previously, and is by The Skinnery, @ Tag!Gacha. My beautiful earrings are by The Plastik, called Beyala Earrings. They come on two sizes, regular and teeny (although they really aren’t teeny) I am wearing one pair of each size in the picture, in “pure” and “pitch”, there is a HUD with the usual gazillion colors on it that The Plastik is famous for, and of course you can tint the metal separately. These are soooo pretty with this outfit, the shape is like a beautifully drawn victorian leaf, very similar to the leaves in my tattoo, and the feathers on my dress. They are perfect! @ IDK. I have been wearing the heck out of this tattoo during the Halloween season, it’s Invictus by White Widow, available at the main store. I just love White Widow tattoos, they are so finely drawn, beautiful!  ❤  !! I My gorgeous gown is by PurpleMoon, it’s the Prestige Gown Halloween Edition 5, available at the main store only through October 31, so grab it while you can! I just love the way the creepy dripping blood is worked so beautifully into this very elegant gown! The workmanship is flawless, ❤ !!!!!!. On my arms I am wearing Sanderson’s Gloves from Jian. They are so elegant-creepy with the claw like hands, they are perfect for this and many other outfits. They come with a color change HUD, you can wear two different colored gloves if you want to, or just one glove. LOVE them!!! My pose is Libertad 4 by PoSEsion, one I have used before and still love.On to the decor…

Behind me are the Thorny Vines and Skelefish from Half-Deer, picked them up as an FLF find last week, in the main store at full price now. From {anc} I have added the beautiful Forest Lantern set in Black, there are many other colors to win, @ Tag!Gacha. The pretty sparkles of light are pixie dust, a great FREE gift from The Ippos Collective, available at the Infinity event, celebrating the anniversary of Fallen Gods. Too cool! So go shopping already!!  🙂


Maitreya–  Lara Mesh Body

Catwa– Jessica Mesh Head

The Skinnery–  Catwa Applier, Bloody Ghost #6 @ Tag!Gacha

Vanity Hair–  Goth Shine, Blacks pack, @ The Pastel Goth Fair

The Plastik–  Beyala Earrings, @ IDK

White Widow–  Invictus Tatoo

PurpleMoon–  Prestige Gown Halloween Edition 5, @ PurpleMoon main store until Oct. 31

Jian–  Sanderson’s Gloves

PoSEsion–  Libertad 4 pose

Half-Deer–  Thorny Vines in Black, and Skelefish

{anc}–  Forest Lanterns in Black @ Tag!Gacha

The Ippos Collective–  Free Gift Pixie Dust, @ Infinity event


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