Hush Baby, Daddy Will Get You A REAL Treat

Hush Baby, Daddy Will Get You A REAL Treat (Halloween Contest Entry)

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

I took this picture for a contest, but I did use some new things! Zombie lady is wearing the Dreamy Dress, Halloween Edition, I picked it up on Friday, it was an FLF find. I already have two other versions of this dress, couldn’t resist! @ Pixicat. She is also wearing Monso‘s My Hair, Minju. I picked up pack #2 and found a shade to match the dollie!  🙂  @ Shiny Shabby.  The Piano and Chandelier are both from DRD‘s Haunted Mansion set, picked up at an arcade yard sale last month. The Room is part of Remarkable Oblivion‘s set for Tag!Gacha. Hotel Paranoia is a very creepy skybox with several rooms in which you can set up photos, or whatever! From the same set I also used the Curtains with Feet, and the Curtains without feet, also from RO, @ Tag!Gacha. I also used Iva Plague doll from The Doll Maker set @ Remarkable Oblivion, in a gacha. Scary!  The cute Zombie Candy Bucket is from Lark, perfect! That’s all folks!


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