He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best

He Who Laughs Last Laughs Best ( Contest Entry)

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Final score: Croc 1, Hook 0 !!!    ;D

Enchantment opens on the 14th of November, and goodies just abound! Couldn’t resist showing these wonderful “Hook” related items. First, the hook of course! What do you mean where is it??? The Croc is spitting it out, lol! It’s the Captain’s Hook, by Noble Creations. I love the textures on this, the metal gleams! It’s resizeable too, and I sized it up quite a bit for this picture. Couldn’t resist! There is one for left and right hand, you can wear two if you want! Available soon @ Enchantment. Ah, the hat. I LOVE the hat, it’s by Remarkable Oblivion, the Admiral’s Hat. It comes in black, blue and red, I show the blue here. I love the detail in the pleating, and all the medals sewn onto it, such wonderful finishing, like all of RO‘s items! I sized this up too, because the croc is so huge! @ Enchantment soon! My Croc is the [HL] Crocodile, purchased on the Marketplace.  Tick tock!!!!


Noble Creations–  The Captain’s Hook, soon @ Enchantment 

Remarkable Oblivion–  Admiral’s Hat, blue, soon @ Enchantment 

[HL]–  Crocodile, on the Marketplace


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