Red Handed Jill

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Red Handed Jill

Enchantment is enchanting! Have you been there yet? You will think you are dreaming! It’s Neverland, and so beautifully done! The theme is Neverland this round, and of course that is the Peter Pan Neverland, not the um, modern one.  ;D

Did you know that Red Handed Jill is the pirate name Wendy chooses for herself when she briefly considers joining up with Captain Hook’s crew? ( I recently watched the 2003 live action version of Peter Pan, which is amazing, and it’s mentioned in the movie.)  I envisioned Red Handed Jill would look something like this…My outfit is called Polly, by Dead Dollz, it’s beautifully fitted, it comes in teal, pink, red, and black. I of course wear the red! You have your choice of tinted or white blouse ( I am wearing the white here) and choice of short, mid, or long pants. Complete with pirate belt, @ Enchantment. ❤   !!  I wear Remarkable Oblivion‘s The Admiral hat, which I blogged in my last post, I wear the red version here. I love this hat! As fantasy / roleplay people I’m sure you know how hard it was to find a really good tricorner hat! Look no further! @Enchantment. My beautiful tattoo is called Neverland, by White Widow. I have become such a fan of these tattoos! The delicacy of the artwork, intricacy of the design, so lovely. I wear it in white, it’s available in black and red as well, @ Enchantment. Empyrean Forge is well known for it’s beautifully textured, amazing jewelry, and this Promise Necklace is no exception. In the story of Peter Pan, Peter gives Wendy a necklace that actually stops the arrow the lost boys fire at her, saving her life. This beautiful version has the Acorns, plus a beautiful watch attached, a really wonderful and different necklace that can be worn with normal and steampunk clothes as well. I love it! There are other metal colors available, I wear gold here, @ Enchantment. Tabou Irresistable offers the complete Pirate Belt, and Pirate Gun. I wear black here, but you can change the leather and metal colors via HUD. The perfect pirate finishing touch! @ Enchantment. I wear a jewelry set, necklace and earrings, in black and gold, the Valke set by The Plastik. This is a very versatile set, it can look very modern with mainstream clothes, or costume-y, like I wear it here. The necklace and earrings are color on one side, metal on the other, available in several colors, @ The Secret Affair. My hair is Minu hair by Monso, my pose is Hanami pose 2.1 by Kirin. Think happy thoughts!  🙂


Maitreya–  Mesh Body, Lara

Catwa–  Mesh Head, Jessica

Dead Dollz– Polly outfit in red  @ Enchantment

Remarkable Oblivion–  The Admiral Hat, red, @ Enchantment

White Widow–  Neverland Tattoo, white, @ Enchantment

Empyrean Forge–  Promise Necklace, gold, @ Enchantment

Tabou Irresistible–   Complete Pirate Belt and Pirate Gun, black, @ Enchantment

The Plastik–  Valke Jewelry st, necklace and earrings, black and gold, @ The Secret Affair

Monso–  Minu Hair

Kirin–  Hanami Pose, 2.1


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