The One I Can Always Count On


The One I Can Always Count On

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

There are a few new things, the events I mention are closing very soon, so don’t delay!

The avatars are the *coco* Doll avatars, on her, Tomato Winter Horns A & B, both in natural, from the gacha @ Japonica. This is one of those gachas where there is no bad. I got several pairs in different colors, love! Her hair is from Tableau Vivant, Starry Night Blowing, RARE. This hair is animated, I picked it up at the last Arcade, hopefully in the main store by now. I love the windblown effect! She is wearing the Sheer Cloth from the Angelica outfit by May’s Soul. I have had this a long time and use it often, perfect fairy or elf clothes! Her beautiful earrings are a brand new release from The Plastik, the Arambe earrings, they include three sizes and a color change HUD. These earrings are at the main store. He is wearing Grey Drawstring Pants for *coco* Doll male by *coco*. The beautiful pose is  “Moon” couple pose, a group gift from PosESsioN.  To make the  set I used Revival Bamboo Lantern 2 @ Shiny Shabby, Twinkling Birch and Lovebirds Candle (both enlarged) from Apple Fall @ Gachatopia, Ionic Forest Gate RARE from the Lost & Found Event, and from E.V.E, Dancing Helix Of Snowballs White (2 of them), from the Midwinter Fair now closed. The Puffy Grass in White is from HPMD.  🙂


*coco*–  Doll Avatars, male and female, her face is part of a 9 face bundle you get as a group gift,  “Lily”

Tomato–  Winter Horns, sets A & B, @ Japonica

Tableau Vivant–  hair Starry Night Blowing, RARE

May’s Soul–  Sheer cloth from Angelica outfit

The Plastik–  Arambe Earrings NEW RELEASE @ main store

PosESioN–  “moon” couple pose, group gift

Revival –  Bamboo Lantern 2 @ Shiny Shabby

Apple Fall–  Twinkling Birch and Lovebirds Candle, @ Gachatopia yard sale

Ionic–  Forest Gate RARE @ Lost And Found Event

E.V.E.–  Dancing Helix of Snowballs White, from Midwinter Fair, now  closed

*alirium*–  Puffy Grass, Frozen


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