This Serious Moonlight

This Serious Moonlight

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Since we lost David Bowie, the song “Let’s Dance” has been playing constantly in my head, and literally everywhere I go. I turn on the radio in the car, there it is…I walk into the grocery store, there it is again! I figured it must be a sign…so I used it as the theme for this picture.  🙂

The Secret Affair is open, and most of what I am showing you is from there. So, from the top…from [Glitzz], the Adored Queen Crown, in gold. It’s very delicate on it’s own, very pretty! I’ve layered it up with the Black Star Crowns MO1 and MO2 frome E.V.E. One of these has the large stars, the other small stars, both I’ve chosen in Black Chrome. They look so good together! She is also wearing the Darlene hair from Emo-tions, a lovely updo with a braided band over the top, retro and modern at the same time, beautiful! She wears a beautiful and striking set of jewelry, the Solveig mask, earrings, chin piece and necklace by Zibska. This comes with a color change HUD in which you can choose three different gem colors and four metal colors. Here I have chosen black, white and gold for my gems, with a deep gold metal setting color. I love how well it goes with the Shoulder with chain and bracelets from .Aisha! I show them here in black and gold, there are white versions, also silver trims. So pretty, and with  Cellar Door‘s Kodaline Stole in Black Bear, it’s perfect! All of these lovely things can be found @ The Secret Affair, now! Tears on her cheek are Emma’s Halo Teardrop (gift) from .Enfant Terrible. My pose is “Abandon” by Del May. Let’s dance……  ❤


[Glitzz]–  Adored Quenn Crown, gold, @ The Secret Affair

E.V.E–  Black Star Crowns MO1 and MO2, @ The Secret Affair

Emo-tions–  Darlene Hair, @ The Secret Affair

Zibska–  Soveig mask, earrings, chin piece and necklace, @ The Secret Affair

.Aisha–  Shoulders with chain and Bracelets in black and gold, @ The Secret Affair

Cellar Door–  Kodaline Stole, Black Bear, @ The Secret Affair

Del May–  “Abandon” pose

.Enfant Terrible–  Emma’s Halo Teardrop (gift)

*coco*–  Doll avatars, she wears group gift head Sara, he wears *coco* white shirt made for the doll avatar







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