The Red Bull’s Horns

The Red Bull's Horns

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Enchantment opens on Feb. 13th, the theme for this round is “The Last Unicorn”, inspired by the fairy tale by Peter S. Beagle. Oh, the amazing things you will find! If you have read the amazing book (and you should!) you will remember the magical Red Bull character, a larger than life almost spirit being….well, here are The Red Bull’s Horns! These outstanding horns are by Naminoke, featuring animated lights and color that moves through the horns, making them look full of magic! I was amazed at this interpretation, I just love them, I was astounded! @ Enchantment starting Feb. 13th

Enchantment is now open!


Maitreya–  Lara Mesh Body

Catwa–  Mesh Head Jessica

Naminoke–  The Red Bull’s Horns, @ Enchantment starting Feb. 13th( I will post landmark when the event opens)

Due–  Mays Hair, Ombre 10, @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Sweet Lies–  Lannister Dress 7, RARE, @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Elysium–  Myrcella Crown, Poppy Red, @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Divine Paine–  Enchantment Hair Sticks, “Molly Grue”, gift to bloggers

PosEesioN–  Pose Aires 2


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