The Return

The Return  (Contest Entry)

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Enchantment opens Feb.13th, the fairy tale theme this round is “The Last Unicorn”. I am showing a scene from that tale, the unicorns returning from the sea, along with a few lovelies you can pick up at Enchantment! From Naminoke I am wearing both the Unicorn Forehead Ornament Horn, and the Head Dress,  so beautifully symbolic of the unicorn turned human, and back to unicorn. ❤ ! Also from Naminoke, I wear the unicorn Necklace and Naminoke’s hunt gift, the pretty moon bracelets. Gorgeous, and available soon @ Enchantment! From Empyrean Forge I am wearing the short version of the Yang necklace, which comes in gold or silver, with color change HUD for the stones and tassel. Beautiful and unusual, amazingly detailed, love it! @ Enchantment soon! I’ll post the LM on Feb. 13th.  🙂

Enchantment is now Open!


*Coco* –  *Coco*Doll avatar, with group gift Lily face

Naminoke–  Unicorn Forehead Ornament Horn, Head Dress, Unicorn Necklace, and hunt items Moon Bracelets, @ Enchantment soon!

Empyrean Forge–  Yang short version necklace, Gold, @ Enchantment soon!

Tableau Vivant–  Starry Night Hair, Blowing

Bauhaus Movement– pose “Carol”

{anc}–  Bubbles

Sa’ang Fiori Design–  Unicorns


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