Harpy’s Nest

Harpy's Nest

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Enchantment is open! Amazing goodies await you! From Zibska I wear the amazing Harpy Headpiece, Chestpiece and orbits. This is a stunning expression of the Harpy from The Last Unicorn Story. You can make this look very scary or pretty tame, there is a color change HUD, exquisite! Now, what’s a Harpy without claws? These amazing claws come from Meva, I wear the golden, they also come in other colors. These are so pretty, I’ll be tempted to wear them all the time! From Storybook‘s Harpy gacha, I wear the Ankle Guards in black, Bindings for Maitreya RARE, the Panty for Maitreya RARE, and The Harpy Wings, black. There is great stuff in this gacha, give it a pull or 10!   The textures and workmanship are awesome…and so are the Monoceros Stilettos from Bliensen and MaiTai. They have a cute little unicorn horn between the big toe and second toe, too cute! From The Plastik I have added the Whimsy Sleeves , these come in many colors, and really dress up anything sleeveless, ❤ ! They lace up on the inside, like a medieval sleeve, love the detail! In the backround I have used the Ivy Tree, Blackstar Edition, the Enchantment Hunt gift from E.V.E. I know I’m going to use these over and over, so organic, yet strange! Everything I have just told you about can be found at Enchantment, so what are you waiting for????


Maitreya–  Lara Mesh Body

Catwa–  Mesh Head Jessica

Zibska–  Harpy Headpiece, Chest Piece and Chest Orbit @ Enchantment

Meva–  Claws for Maitreya, Golden, @ Enchantment

Storybook–  Ankle Guards, black, Bindings Maitreya RARE,  Panty Maitreya RARE, and Harpy Wings, Black, @ Enchantment

The Plastik–  Whimsy Sleeves, black, @ Enchantment

Bliensen and Mai Tai–  Monoceros Stilletos, black, @ Enchantment

E.V.E–  Ivy Tree, Blackstar Edition, Enchantment Hunt gift, @ Enchantment

{anc}–  Glass Ornament Feather Twig Chair

E.V.E–  Waving Bioluminescent Fungus, white


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