Froggie Yoga

Froggie Yoga

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Yes the frogs are back, and are quickly becoming staples in my prop closet, right next to RO’s creepy dollies and the ever popular zombies, lol! I’ve provided the landmark, you can go get your own.  😀  I am talking about the Catwa Gwen  Mesh Head this time. I have been wearing the Catwa Jessica head since it came out, but this one has the extended emotions pack available for it, and so I went for it. Now, I have to say I am not an official blogger for Catwa, and so I can say, the emotions pack is WAY too expensive at 5000 Lindens, that’s on top of the price of the head. This is valuable for people who roleplay or are photographers or machinima artists, most people can make do just fine with basic emotions. I did however bite the bullet and pay that, and I am having a lot of fun playing with this! In this photo I am wearing the big toothy smile included in that pack, and I really do love it, despite the expense. @ Catwa main store. ( Yes it includes vampire teeth too!)  <3!!!!


Maitreya–  Lara Mesh Body

Catwa–  Mesh Head Gwen, with extended Emotions Pack, @ Catwa main store

Zenith–  Ballerina Dress, Rose, @ Uber

LODE–  Peony Spring RARE, @ Shiny Shabby

Truth–  Polilla Hair, @ Uber

Trompe L’oeil–  Mischa Ethereal Islands and Lounger, @ Uber

MeadowWorks–  Yoga Frogs, @ Home & Garden Expo (a Relay For Life Event)

(I added two background trees from The Little Branch, and Grass and Sweet Garden Grass from The Little Branch and Happy Mood to the Trompe L’oeil set.)


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