Very Few Of Us Are What We Seem

Very Few Of Us Are What We Seem

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

I just loved the juxtaposition of the Water Daisies Jar with these great Cursed Hands, I think it illustrates nicely how people can have good hearts, but bring out the claws sometimes, lol! The Water Daisies Hug Jar  RARE is by Attic,  available in the Bulby Plants  gacha @ kustom9, and the Cursed Hands are by [Contraption] and are available @ The Secret Affair. Love them! I love this Sparrow Dress by Moon Elixir, you can change the colors of the cloth, the leather, the trim and the buckles for lots of different looks, and the pretty ruffle on the bottom of the skirt, so cute! This dress has a hood you can wear up or down as well, Love! @ The Secret Affair. My cute messy up-do hair is  My Hair Lien by Monso, great for this shot, very casual and breezy looking, with a messy knot at the back, perfect! @kustom9. Cole’s Corner offers the wearable Fireflies Beam Aura, I’m wearing the yellow orange colored one. It attaches to you so you can wear it to sims where you can’t rez things, love it! It comes in lots of colors too! @ The Secret affair. My pose is #3 of the Paulina Series by An Lar, @ The Secret Affair (tweaked by the jar).   🙂


Maitreya–  Lara Mesh Body

Catwa–  Mesh Head Gwen with updated emotions pack

Attic–   Bulby Plants Water Daisies Hug Jar, RARE, @ kustom9

[Contraption]–  Cursed Hands, @ The Secret Affair

Moon Elixir–  Sparrow Dress, @ The Secret Affair

Monso–  My Hair Lien, @kustom9

Cole’s Corner–  Fireflies Beam Aura, @ The Secret Affair

An Lar–  Paulina pose set, @ The Secret Affair



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