I Am A Tree

I  Am A Tree

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

The wonders of Fantasy Faire 2016 have completely captivated me! I am showing more from there today, I can’t wait to go back!

Aisha‘s Dryad gown and mask are so lovely, and coupled with Love‘s Dawn Chorus Headdress, it’s perfect! I have added the Constella  Arielle skin from The Plastik ( I love all these gorgeous fantasy colors!) in a wonderful green shade, with lovely constellation texturing. Also from Love, the Fantasy Deer, Summer, are a perfect compliment, Dryad deer, who knew? LOVE them! Analog Dog offers this beautiful Iota hair, an RFL item, in lots of colors, using browns here, you can choose two tone if you wish, fab! Go to the Fantasy Faire and get some cool stuff! Drop some lindens in a Relay For Life Kiosk! Let’s help stop cancer!


Maitreya–  Lara Mesh body

Catwa–  Mesh Head jessica

The Plastik–  Constella skin, Arielle, @ Fantasy faire 2016, Serenity sim

Analog Dog–  Iota Hair, RFL item, @ Fantasy Faire 2016, Tinker’s Hollow

Aisha–  Dryad Dress and Mask, RFL item, Fantasy Faire 2016, Lucentia sim

Love–  Dawn Chorus Headdress and Fantasy Deer, Summer, @ Fantasy Faire 2016, Tinker’s Hollow sim

{anc}–  Garden by Anc, Petal Rain, Under Tree version, @ Fantasy Faire 2016,  The Golden Delta sim

{anc}–  Swallow Tailed Butterfly Cluster, Incarose

Half-Deer–   Glitter Field- Diamonds, purchased @ Kawaii Project, now closed

The Little Branch–  White Cherry tree, blogged previously

Del May–  Pose, Breeze




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