I Was Born This Way

I Was Born This Way

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Fantasy Faire 2016 ends on May 1st, You have a couple days left to shop and support Relay For Life, raising money for finding a cure for cancer, so go! Today I am showing a couple cool things, the first is Head in Clouds from Boudoir, a cool attachment that expresses me so well, couldn’t resist it! I think I have a lot of company up here in the clouds, lol! Boudoir @ Fantasy Faire 2016, an RFL item, @ Lucentia sim. The 2nd cool thing is a wearable particles attachment from Cole’s Corner called Dreamy Dandelions, so delicate, I love it! You can see the seeds and puffs floating around my skirt in the picture, you can also choose flowers and seeds in the same pack. @ Fantasy Faire 2016, Cole’s Corner, @ Lucentia sim. I took my photo on location @ Fantasy Faire 2016, @ Dangarnon sim, a really detailed medieval looking city. Go and enjoy!


Boudoir–  Head In Clouds attachment, RFL item, @ Fantasy Faire 2016, Lucentia sim

Cole’s Corner–  Dreamy Dandelions wearable particles, @ Fantasy Faire 2016, Lucentia sim

*coco*–  MyDollKit Doll Body and Nora doll head, Lolita dress and shoes for MyDollKit Body

{anc}–  No Limits, Flock of Flying Doves, tea green

The Plastik–  Victorienne necklace, blogged previously


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