Druid Spring

Druid Spring

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

The Secret Affair is open, and this month’s theme is “Light Of The Earth”, a Druid Spring celebration. I so love what the designers have come up with! Here I am showing some of what awaits you! I am wearing the Veleda Robe in Bardic by Aisha, a beautiful form fitting robe with a hood and deep draped neckline. This lovely robe comes in several beautiful earth colors, mesh body friendly, love it! @ The Secret Affair. The Oleira Tattoo by Aurica Store looks like it was made for this dress, lovely intricate design, great for low necklines or no necklines! I wear the Maitreya version,  @ The Secret Affair. From Wicca’s Wardrobe, I am wearing the Cathbad set, necklace, armguards, bracelets, headband, and wristbands. This set has color change HUDs for metal, inscription, and gem color, I am wearing gold metal, black inscription,  and green gem color. I just love the way this set seems to be made for this dress and tattoo, amazing! @ The Secret Affair. From ieQED I am wearing the Fanciful Ring Full Set RARE, they are so intricate, and with a color change HUD, perfect! @ The Secret Affair. On my back I wear Cubic Cherry‘s  {Fade} staff, forest. There is also a hand hold position, and other lovely colors for the flame. Love! @ The Secret Affair.Directly behind me and to the right, I have the Simple Offerings Forest Altar set from Roawenwood. This set includes the rock altar, small candles, fire, offering bowls, and surrounding grass. @ The Secret Affair. I love this set, purchased it because it goes so well with my Maiden Tor Complete set of standing stones, part of which I used here, by Artisan Fantasy. This is available at their main store.I have also used ( although seen clearly better at large size) Cole’s Corner, Starlight Sprite Energy and Starlight Sprite Mana, the purple and pale sparkles in the picture, @ The Secret Affair. Happy Light Of The Earth!

Taxi to The Secret Affair


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