Sea Glass

Sea Glass

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

So what to wear with this cool Zibska Loki hair? I walked all around Enchantment, and the Secret Affair, and a couple other places, here is what I came up with.  🙂

Zibska–  Loki hair, Left and Right ( you can wear just one side if you want to) @ The Secret Affair

  N-Uno-   Dress, N2  dress, top, and Underwear, other colors available, dress is also available in solid colors, I wear the transparent version for Maitreya, @ The Secret Affair

Nanika–  Fast Deer Tattoo, torso and leg (the leg tattoo is on the leg you don’t see here) @ The Secret Affair

Glitzz–  Fairy Wings, w/ color HUD, @ Enchantment

Meva–  Vintage Net Cap, white, @ Shiny Shabby

Lode–  Muscare Hand Accessory, white (the flowers in my hand) @ Shiny Shabby

Attic–  Bloom Ears RARE, Daisy, and Bloom Arm Wrap, Daisy, @Whimsical

Air–  Ave Ligno Moonlight Tree, Silver, @Creators Collection Box

VileCult–  Dreamscape Wall Hanging ( the chalkboards) @Whimsical

Kunst–  Antique Water Bottles, from the Crate and Bottle set

Forest Feast–  Tsuyu Field, white


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