Full Of Stars

Full Of Stars

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

I am experimenting with a new look today, I saw this mesh head applier and decided I needed some variety. I also have newness from E.V.E Studio, I always look forward to new things from there, and from Cole’s Creations…I am just a sucker for pretty sparkly things. I also have a very unusual hair from the Hair Fair.  ❤ !


Maitreya–  Lara Mesh Body

Catwa–  Mesh Head Aisha

The Skinnery–  Catwa Aisha applier  “Soojin”  in Honey @ The Project Se7en

E.V.E Studio–  Ethereal Swimsuit Black Glow for Maitreya, Ethereal Neck Corset, Black, Ethereal Leg Bracelets, Black, Ethereal Pearls, Black, Ethereal Stars, White @ The Secret Affair

Cole’s Corner–  Consciousness Aura in Astral (the colored stars, spots and shooting stars) @ The Secret Affair

Bizarre Hair–  Magic Dragon Hair @ Hair Fair 2016

ieQED–  Antler Necklace in silver, @ The Secret Affair 

Cureless–  Hyaku Mongatani Tattoo v.1 Sleeves and gloves only @Ubume x Origami

Japanese Horror Event

La Jolie Rose–  Sugar Pose #3



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