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Who doesn’t love “The Wizard Of Oz”? I’ve seen the movie so many times I’ve lost count, and yet every single time I’m enveloped by the magic, and I want to fly over that rainbow right along with Dorothy! This month’s Enchantment Event theme is “The Yellow Brick Road” and many lovely goodies await you, but wait you must, it opens Saturday August 13th. The first item I am showing you is the Marvel Caravan by Nacht. It’s so evocative, just looking at it brings the scene to mind….poor little kid, hope she gets home all right…..! @ Enchantment! Such a fabulous story, and fabulous event theme! See you at Enchantment!


Nacht–  Marvel Caravan, @ Enchantment 

The Little Branch–  Olive Tree, v.2 {4 seasons} @ The Liaison Collaborative

Schadenfreude–  Glowing Stars (includes empty mason jar, which I enlarged for this photo) @Collabor88


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