Sometimes I Think It Was All A Dream

Sometimes I Think It Was All A Dream (Contest Entry)

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

First and foremost, PLEASE if you decide to use Blueberry Hill’s adorable pop up book as a background as I did, be advised that when you enlarge it, it balloons to 594 LI  !!!!! No wonder no one else has done it, I couldn’t even rez a pose stand! LOL! It sure is cute though!  🙂 I’m just glad I didn’t blow the region up, lol!


*Coco*–   KidDoll body, gift with *Coco* Puff Sleeve Dress Outfit, blue, @ Enchantment

*Coco*–  Alexa KidDoll Head, smile @ Mainstore

Wasabi Pills–  June Mesh Hair, @ main store (The KidDoll can’t wear rigged hair, so I couldn’t wear the lovely hairs at Enchantment)

Black Bantam–  Dorbert The Doggy, comes with a basket too, @ Enchantment

Azoury–   Bender Headphones ( I couldn’t resist these!) @ Enchantment

Blueberry Hill–  Pop Up Book (The Yellow Brick Road, isn’t it cute?) @ Enchantment

Black Tulip–  Dorothy pose # 1, tweaked by the dog  🙂  @ Enchantment


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