Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

It’s all about this soooo cool Geo Aquatica Set by Melon Bunny. The minute I saw an ad for it, I ran right down and bought it. Aquariums inside a chair and table! Love! @Whimsical. Brief post today, I have to go to work soon!


Melon Bunny–  Geo Aquatica Set, @ Whimsical

What Next–  Vintage Fan Set, Blue (former FLF)

Black Bantam–  Spynx Cat, male and female, @ Collabor88

Ayashi–  Kojitsu Hair @ Manga Fair

Stringer Mausoleum–  Unfetter ( chain hair) acquired at the Hair Fair, now closed,  at main store now (hopefully)

CMFF–  Femdroid, Classic White at main store

{anc} –  Tuner, headphones and Speareye, silver; Picnic, Swallowtail Butterfly Cluster B, aquamarine; I’m Planet Fish Puddle, white at main store

Bauhaus Movement–  “Cute Spectator” pose




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