Cute ‘Lil Bunnies

Cute 'Lil Bunnies

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

It’s time now to get out the spooky stuff, I’ve waited long enough, lol!

New Stuff:

Emery–  Cullen Chamois dress Black for Maitreya, @ Collabor88

Aurica Store–  Selva Tattoo, @ The Secret Affair

Drot–  Antique Stuffed Rabbit and mask, @ The Fantasy Collective

Half-Deer–  Bunny Ear Chairs, Worn Paint, @ Collabor88

Vintage Stuff:

Spellbound–  Wednesday Hair

CandyDoll–  Victoria Flats, Black

Le Poppycock–  She Nothing Spoke pose

The Little Branch–  CherryTree v.1 Season change

Remarkable Oblivion–  The Doll Maker dolls Misty Marsh and Iva Plague (the little darlings!)

Zerkalo–  Birdcage Dark

Kalopsia–  Flying Paper and Flying Leaves, Orange

8f8–  Storyteller’s Burrow, Passageway


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