Shortcut Through The Graveyard

Shortcut Through The Graveyard

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Yay it’s October, Halloween month! There are some great events going on now to celebrate that! I found this amazing dress at Panic Of Pumpkins, an event I had no trouble getting into by the way. It’s called Familiar Kitty’s Dress by -00-, in standard mesh sizes (try the demo!) and several colors. It comes with Kitty ears and tail, not pictured. It also has cute ruffled bloomers, that I am wearing but not visible in the picture. I found the adorable New Girl Hair/hat combo by Besom at Salem Macabre Market (this place is packed!). Both these cool events are open now and run through the end of October.  🙂


Maitreya–  Lara Mesh Body

Catwa–  Mesh Head Jessica

Besom–  New Girl Hat/Hair combo @ Salem Macabre Market

-00-  –  Familiar Kitty’s Dress, black, @ Panic of Pumpkins


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