Homework Mis-Spelled

Homework Mis-Spelled

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

The minute I saw this Couple’s Broom Pose by Purple Poses I thought of using *Coco*‘s Kid Doll Avatars with it! They make such cute Hogwarts students! I had the Flying Paper by Kalopsia already, I added the upper and lower Orbits from Zibska‘s Arithmaphobia tattoo set. I got the Disorderly & Cureless  Possessed Manual from the gacha, perfect! (Don’t worry, they weren’t killed or expelled!  🙂


*Coco*–  Kid Doll Avatars and Kid Doll clothing and shoes, *Coco* main store (they are around the corner from her regular clothes)

Purple Poses–  Couple Broom Pose #1, @Salem Macabre Market

Zibska–  Arithmaphobia Set of tattoos and orbits, @ The Nightmare Event

Disorderly & Cureless–  Posessed Manual, Paper @ Salem Macabre Market

Kalopsia–  Flying Paper


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