Of Hearts And Flowers

Of Hearts And Flowers

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

*Coco*–  MyDollKit Doll Body, female peach Nora head and elf ears, BJD Doll Avatar, male, BJD shirt and pants, Corset Dress Red organza Overlay ( 50% off through Feb. 14th) @ main store

Analog Dog–  Bayashna Hair, (includes flower not worn) @ Enchantment

E.V.E–  Frosted Hearts, Silver, @ Shop Your Heart Out

E.V.E–  Heart Paths and Petal Paths, @ Enchantment

E.V.E–  Chained Roses, Pink, @ main store

Naminoke–  Cinderella Rose, worn without front and back veil, matching bouquets available in several colors, @ Enchantment

{anc}–  Painted Grass, Pink, & Colorful Grass, @ main store




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