Magical  -Fantasy Faire 2017

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

The Fantasy Faire is open!!!!

My Flickr page has the LM for Fairlands Junction, from there you can take a portal to all the sims…Oh, the amazing Fantasy Faire! You just have to go see it!  😀

The Fantasy Faire is held each year to benefit Relay For Life, The American Cancer Society. Every shop at Fantasy Faire has at least two vendors that forward 100 per cent of the sales to Relay For Life. In some shops, like The Lost Unicorn Gallery, all the vendors give 100 percent of sales to Relay For Life!  So, if you like Fantasy, and Fantasy items, or even if you just want to donate ( there are kiosks for donations without sales everywhere) come to The Fantasy Faire! You really have to see this!!!  😀

Spent 12 hours there yesterday, trying to get my landscape shots done…!!!

I am wearing:

Wasabi Pills–  Merida Hair, RFL Item, Fantasy Faire 2017, The Rose Sim

The Plastik–  Faerie Keepsake Necklace, Koie Skin, RFL item Hope,  Fantasy Faire 2017, Chaddul Ro Sim

Cole’s Corner–  Hand Dancer Particles, Hope purple, RFL item, Fantasy Faire 2017 Dawn’s Promise Sim

Naminoke–  Goldfish Spirit Dress, purple, RFL item, Fantasy Faire 2017,  San Mora Sim

From my inventory cave-

Zaara-   Noonie Bikini in Aubergine



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