Remembrances- Fantasy Faire 2017

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Photo taken at Fairelands Junction, Fantasy Faire 2017

I relay for my Mom. I lost her to cancer five days after Mother’s Day 1998. I miss her every day. Fantasy Faire is always a happy-sad time for me, all the excitement of the Faire coming so close to the anniversary of my Mother’s passing….and I relay for my Father-in-Law, who we lost to cancer in 2004. I relay for my Sister -In-Law, who has won her battle with cancer.  🙂  I relay for my co-worker, who has won two battles with cancer!  :). I relay for my friend who lost her Mother to cancer this past July. I relay for another friend who’s Mother is in denial about her cancer and won’t seek proper treatment….

This is too damn many people!!  Everyone has been touched by this horrible thing, in some way. Sometimes, it’s themselves, sometimes a family member, a friend, a co-worker. Please help The American Cancer Society find a cure! Donate to Relay for Life. Go to the Fantasy Faire, get yourself something and know your money is helping to find a way to beat cancer once and for all. Drop some lindens into the Relay For Life kiosks you will see all around the Fantasy Faire, because you know someone worth fighting for.

An RFL item means that item, in a special kiosk, donates 100% of the sales of that item to Relay For Life. Every store at Fantasy Faire has at least two RFL kiosks, look for them!  🙂

Silvan Moon Designs–  Light Of Sarin Gown and Headpiece , Iris,  Fantasy Faire 2017,  Spirit Pool Sim

Analog Dog–  Merida Hair, RFL item,  Fantasy Faire 2017, The Hill Sim


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