Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Enchantment opens tomorrow, May 13th! This picture is my version of the Disney version. Standing in for Mother Gothel is this Dark Rapunzel statue from By Nacht, so creepy cool, I just had to photograph it! Her personality shines right through, doesn’t it?  ;D   !!!!  This fab statue will be @ Enchantment May 13th.

On me:

Bauhaus Movement–  Rapunzel Crown, very pretty, I wear pink here, comes in a set with a lovely necklace. @ Enchantment May 13th.

Mello–  Entangled Hair, nice and long! Comes in many colors, has a nice windblown look!@ Enchantment May13th

Una–  Rapunzel Dress, with separate overskirt you can choose transparent or not, and pearl trimmed belt. I wear pink here, there are many lovely colors. There is an included pearl collar I blogged previously. @ Enchantment May 13th.

Air–  Flower Lanterns, I use mint chrysanthemum and pink cherry blossom, many lovely colors. @ Enchantment May 13th.

3rd Eye Perceptions–  Enchanted Weeping Tree in Mint, coming soon to The Secret Affair May 15th.

I will post the landmarks when the events start.  🙂


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