Use The Wings Of The Flying Universe

Use The Wings Of The Flying Universe

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

SL14B is now open, and with a shopping area, no two shopping areas! I got my background mural from E.V.E at the Golden shopping area, it’s so versatile! It was used in it’s original color (red) as part of an art installation, now available in Black and White, (which I have used here), Original, and Glow.  🙂

On me:

Gizza–  Posh Bodysuit, Wings & Gems, (head & legs) White, @Tres Chic

Mila–  Rose Garden Makeup, Catwa, @ The Cosmetics Fair

Nanika–  Tiffany Tattoo White @ The Cosmetics Fair

Roquai–  Tink 4 pose


E.V.E-  Rise Grass, Cloud, Picture Mural, 3-D, in 3 colors @SL14B Shopping Event, Golden

( I have added a color overlay to my picture of the Black and White mural.)



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