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*coco* has new stuff out for the *coco* Doll avatar! The pretty and delicate Sofia doll head and…Bento hands! I must caution everyone, as there are about four doll body versions out there, try the demo before you buy. I am wearing the MyDollKit Doll Body, with shape #1 that came with the Bento Hands, and it fits fine. HOWEVER, please! Try the demo!! That being said, I love the Bento hands!! They take advantage of any Bento poses you have. Love!! The Sofia doll head is very pretty, and I bought it, but it looks so human and lifelike (the eyes move, just like sl eyes!) that she really doesn’t look like a doll avatar anymore…I think the older heads/faces were more doll-like, my opinion only…I will probably go back to the Nora head, love that one.  🙂

*coco*–  Sofia Doll Head, Bento Hands, Bubble Dress black,  @ main store

Yokai–  Imagination (umbrella) Starfall Dark, @The Fantasy Collective

Ayashi–  Riyu Hair, show/hide kitty ears, pink pack, @ Hair Fair 2017   (every sale gives a percentage to Wigs For Kids, good place to spend you money!) through July 16th

Supernatural–  Hearty Black choker, @ Crystal Heart Festival

BellePoses–  Nancy#3 @ Summerfest ’17




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