Tell Me A Story Scheherazade

Tell Me A Story Scheherezade

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Enchantment opens Saturday Aug. 12th, and the theme this time is 1001 Nights! These are the collected stories of Scheherezade, the latest in a long string of wives that the prince had been marrying and then killing before they could be unfaithful as his first wife had been. Scheherezade started telling the prince stories, leaving off the ending so the prince would spare her life to hear the end the next night. She would then begin another story and of course leave off the ending….This went on for 1001 nights, during which the prince fell in love with Scheherezade. When night 1002 came around, Scheherezade had to confess that she didn’t know any more stories, and by then of course the prince was in love with her and made her his Queen.     🙂

1001 Nights stories include “Aladdin” and “Ali Babba And The 40 Thieves” to name just two, so many beautiful things to choose from! I’ll post the landmark when the event opens.  🙂

On me:

no.match–  no jewel hair @ Enchantment 

Irrisistible Shop–  Delilah Bra, Capri, skirt, foot bangles and headdress @ Enchantment

Le Suceries De Fairy–  My 1001 Nights Blue Shoulder Lamp, common @ Enchantment

Broken Style (now Infinity)-  Brazalet Shari, left and right, Tattoo Shari full, commons @ Enchantment

Clipper is wearing clothes and hair from his inventory cave. Both poses are from Del May.


The Looking Glass–   Lantern Tree Gacha set, (I LOVE this!) Includes all background items except palm trees, @ Enchantment



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