Off With Her Head

Off With Her Head

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Sometimes I just can’t help myself…the minute I saw the potion bottles and this Queenly attire, I just had to do a photo of the most interesting monarch in the world!  ;D

On me:

Irrisistible Shop– Queen Of Hearts, outfit comes with mesh pieces (this pose is in the staff! Lucky for me the drink attached to the other hand!) and appliers for most mesh bodies plus Omega appliers, @ Enchantment

Boon–  Lab .083 Hair, woven and heart shaped it was a natural with this outfit! @ Enchantment


Titans–  This Way That Way Tree @ Enchantment

Le Poppycock–  “Just Alice” Gacha poses White Roses from the Memory Garden Pose (pose not used in this shot.) @ Enchantment

Yokai–  Alice Potions, Queen Red (all but handheld bottle have been enlarged for the photo) @ Enchantment

Raindale–  Wonderland Mushrooms, red and blue @ Enchantment





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