New Attitude

New Attitude

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

The June round of Swank is open, it’s theme this time is “Monochromatic”. The Looking Glass has two complete rooms on offer, “Fire and Ice”. The rooms are identical, just done in two different color schemes, icy turquoise for the Ice room (the one I am using) and orange tones for the Fire room. The complete set saves some money, but you can buy by the piece if you prefer. The set includes everything you see in the room except the flying doves ( by {anc} )and me of course.  🙂 (You don’t have to turn your chair upside down!   ;D  ) @ SWANK

On me:

Argrace–  Tsumugi hair @ main store

Zenith–  Summer Beach Wear , white, @collabor88

Pure Poison–   Illy Sandals @ main store




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