Fitcher’s Bird

Fitcher's Bird

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

“Fitcher’s Bird” is a rather grisly Grimm’s Fairy Tale, but it does end happily for the “bird”!

On me:

The Looking Glass–  Fitcher’s Bird complete outfit, available @ Enchantment

no.match–  no.destiny hair. This hair falls to your knees in back, just gorgeous! @ Enchantment

Nantra–  Pose with skull prop, @ main store



The Looking Glass–   Basilica….this building is sooooo gorgeous with it’s reflecting floor and gorgeous textures! If you have a very large parcel of land or a roleplay sim, this could be a palace, a ballroom, anything really! Caution, it is VERY large although you can use just parts of it for photos. @ Enchantment

Half Moon Market–  Lady Bluebeard’s Trophy (key necklaces greatly enlarged and used as props here) @ Enchantment

{anc}–  Flying Doves Soda Blue @ main store



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