Samhain Twilight

Samhain Twilight

The ancient Celtic Samhain is where we get our modern Halloween from. Samhain was harvest time, and the time when the veil between the world of the living and the world of the dead was at it’s thinnest. Hallows eve was a time when spirits could cross back into our world for a visit, it had nothing to do with psycho killers and buckets of blood! I like Samhain better! 🙂 There is a whole event dedicated to it! Samhain event runs Oct. 10th -Nov. 2nd.

On me:

Cureless- Dhuosnos Robe, black @ Samhain

Rainbow Sundae- Arianhod Set ( antlers and head jewel) @ Samhain


Jinx- Dark Stag animesh rideable ( love the scrollwork on the face!), @ Samhain


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