Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll

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On me:

*coco*–  Doll body with Bento hands, Doll Head Sara, Lolita shoes black

Occult–  Miss Spooky dress with skulls, @ The Secret Affair

Wet Cat–  Pin Cushion pose set with props, @ The Secret Affair

Sweet Thing & darkenedStare–  Zombie Hellpup pet

Boom–  Fashionabow Girl heapiece (pitch)

Ayashi–  Usagi hair

The Plastik–  Victorienne Velvet Pendant Vintage

Scene pieces blogged previously here



Leave Your Body At The Door

Leave Your Body At The Door

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On me:

Harshlands–  Marie Laveaux skeleton avatar, complete with voodoo pins, snake and voodoo doll to hold, (not pictured). @ The Secret Affair

ChicChica–  “Let’s Drink” bottle prop and glass

( Clipper is wearing the Ian Zombie avatar that is in everyone’s inventory library.)



Occult–  Occult Rug set @ The Secret Affair ( Ouija Board rug shown)

Candy Crunchers–  Black Cat Pumpkin RARE @ The Season’s Story

Pilot-  Candycorn Sass, from the last Arcade

Sway’s-  [Autumn] Hanging Lanterns, Halloween former FLF find

[con.]–  Fright Day Skeleton Dark former FLF find

Balaclava!–  Jack Sinister & Jacqueline Sinister, @ Salem event

Refuge–  Deathly Tree, clear lights @ Salem event

Scarlet Creative–  Harry Pottering Shed @ collabor88

From my inventory, ground candles from Aisling and Floating candles from Tia


Someone To Watch Over Me

Someone To Watch Over Me

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So many events, so little time, and so many spook-tacular goodies!

On me:

Catwa–  Catya mesh head

Maitreya–  Lara mesh body

Pumec–  Stella appliers for Catwa and Maitreya in the January color, @ The Chapter Four

Wasabi Pills–  Raven Hair @ main store

Contraption–  Ride Of Delusion (spirit attachment) animated, I love stuff like this!  🙂  @Salem

Ison–  Marie Fall Dress and Marie Fall Sweater, @collabor88

Lassitude & Ennui–  Erika Boots @ main store soon if not already

Izzie’s–  Basic To The Waist Tights @ main store

Poseidon Poses–  Morgue set, @ Salem


Scarlet Creative–  Harry Pottering Shed, all windows on back side, could be a small cottage, @collabor88

LORE–  Thorny Vines, @ We ❤ Roleplay

LORE–  Stone Path kit, @ We ❤ Roleplay

Heart–  Witchwood Enchanted Wicca Forest kit, @Fameshed

{anc}–  Soil @ main store

We’re Closed–  Autumn Grass @ main store





In The Forgotten Places

In The Forgotten Places

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On me:

Maitreya–  Lara mesh body

Catwa–  Catya mesh head

Moon Elixir-  Fenris dress (n a set with body chains, not worn) @ We ❤ Roleplay

Kungler’s–  Elisa necklace in Citrine, @ We ❤ Roleplay

Endless Pain Tattoos–  Wotan Tattoo, @ We ❤ Roleplay

Egosumaii–  Gin Dragon, common, @ The Arcade

Moon Hair–  Solstice hair, with styler HUD (the hair goes down to the feet) @ kustom9

Mandala–  Steking Ears Season 5


HEXtraordinary–  Viking Standing Stones, @ The Fantasy Collective

Ionic–  Constellations

{anc}–  Soil (ash) and Mist (sungold )

We’re Closed–  Autumn Grass



Just Imagine

Just Imagine

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On me:

Zibska–  Aubera headpiece (comes as a set with matching collar, not shown) @Liaison Collaborative

Le Poppycock–  Book Lovers poses, this one from set B   @The Liaison Collaborative

TKW–  Viozzi hair @ Hairology


22769–  The Imaginarium (wardrobe with scene and light beam) @ The Liaison Collaborative

{anc}–  Garden by anc Big Leaf/ one, natural @ We ❤ Roleplay


Hang On Dolly

Hang On Dolly

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

I love to blog quirky, different, well made things, very creative things that you don’t see enough of. I’m bringing you three today! I love Azoury anyway, I have blogged a lot of their very different accessories, but this Barthelemy  Leg Prosthetic is one of their best! I bought it in copper but it comes in black and white as well, very steampunk- ish, very detailed, and very remarkable! Love it!  It has a high foot so you can wear high shoes with it, and the “sock” can be white or black. It’s at Cosmopolitan, go!

Contraption has this incredible  Augment Hydr4 accessory, two mechanical eyes as augmentation, it reminded me of War Of The Worlds, so cool, and they are animated! I got mine on the last day of August’s TMD, I’m sure they will be in Contraption’s main store soon if not already.

It’s easy to get into The Arcade now, I went specifically for the Consignment Radius Hover Bike! I have it in four different colors, love this thing, this is an example of everything in a Gacha machine being totally worth the price you pay to play! This one is in Army green, LOVE!!! At the Arcade.

Everything else is from my inventory cave, Remarkable Oblivion Doll, Argrace hair, Lode Headpiece, Livid dress, Reign shoes.

Azoury-  Barthelemy Leg Prosthetic, @ Cosmopolitan

Consignment-  Hover Bike Gacha @ The Arcade



I Am The Djinni Of The Lamp

I Am The Djinn Of The Lamp  ( Contest Entry)

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On me:

Mello–  Mystic Hair @ Enchantment

Azoury–  Yamina Mask, Rust, @ Enchantment

[Trap][Gauze]–  Djinn Ears w/tint and texture HUD@ Enchantment

Glitzz–  Dunizade Arm Cuffs black, Necklace black, top black (also panties, skirt and anklets not shown) @ Enchantment

The Mystic–  Flower Claw Spike Finger Slave Bracelet Left and right, Maitreya fit @ Enchantment

Happy Dispatch–  Kitune pose #2

Fashiowl–  Magic Lamp (used as a prop and enlarged for the photo) @ Enchantment


Magic Carpet Ride

Magic Carpet Ride

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flicker page!

Everything can be found at Enchantment.  🙂

On me:

Runaway–  Sherazade Hair (includes headdress) @ Enchantment

Kunglers–  Mirian Necklace 2 Crystal, @ Enchantment

Sweet Lies–  Jazmine White Outfit for Maitreya, @ Enchantment

On Clipper:

Stitched–  Dareen Outfit, Gold, @ Enchantment


Fashiowl–  Lamp (used here as a prop, it contains it’s own poses as well) @ Enchantment

Evo-Love–  Magic Carpet contains the pose we are using as well as others, @ Enchantment

Photographed at the Enchantment event.  🙂 




Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Everything is from the Enchantment event opening Aug.12th, the theme being “1001 Nights”. I will post the landmark when the event opens.  🙂

On me:

Emo-tions–  Pippa hair, @ Enchantment

Carol G–  Essence Tattoo in Blue, @ Enchantment (other colors available)

Zibska–  Ambrosia Lips Catwa Applier and Maiaea Omega Eye makeup applier @ Enchantment

Saga– Yahsmin Moon Bindi and Yahsmin Septum both in Gold, @ Enchantment

Kunglers–  Claire Earrings in gold and Mirian Necklace#1 in Crystal, @ Enchantment

Lua’s–  Fahima top and skirt, @ Enchantment

Imeka-  pose 6 from Sits group #3 (from inventory)


The Looking Glass–  Lantern Tree Gacha set, @ Enchantment


Tell Me A Story Scheherazade

Tell Me A Story Scheherezade

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Enchantment opens Saturday Aug. 12th, and the theme this time is 1001 Nights! These are the collected stories of Scheherezade, the latest in a long string of wives that the prince had been marrying and then killing before they could be unfaithful as his first wife had been. Scheherezade started telling the prince stories, leaving off the ending so the prince would spare her life to hear the end the next night. She would then begin another story and of course leave off the ending….This went on for 1001 nights, during which the prince fell in love with Scheherezade. When night 1002 came around, Scheherezade had to confess that she didn’t know any more stories, and by then of course the prince was in love with her and made her his Queen.     🙂

1001 Nights stories include “Aladdin” and “Ali Babba And The 40 Thieves” to name just two, so many beautiful things to choose from! I’ll post the landmark when the event opens.  🙂

On me:

no.match–  no jewel hair @ Enchantment 

Irrisistible Shop–  Delilah Bra, Capri, skirt, foot bangles and headdress @ Enchantment

Le Suceries De Fairy–  My 1001 Nights Blue Shoulder Lamp, common @ Enchantment

Broken Style (now Infinity)-  Brazalet Shari, left and right, Tattoo Shari full, commons @ Enchantment

Clipper is wearing clothes and hair from his inventory cave. Both poses are from Del May.


The Looking Glass–   Lantern Tree Gacha set, (I LOVE this!) Includes all background items except palm trees, @ Enchantment