Marilyn And The Martians

Marilyn And The Martians

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

It’s the 1950’s, Marilyn Monroe is the biggest star in the universe and people are seeing spaceships and Martians everywhere.  😀

Black Bantam–   Chocolate Space Kitty, @ Collabor 88 (The kitten Marilyn is holding is the original size, the others have been enlarged for the photo.)

On “Marilyn”-

Lelutka–  Axis face HUD (go try this thing!)

Lelutka–  Aida head

Maitreya–  Lara mesh body

Tres Beau–  Pearl Betty necklace and earrings @ Vintage Fair

KC–   Cinzia Classic Pumps /with Color HUD, Maitreya version

Valentina E–   Kaia dress in yellow, Maitreya version

Doux–   Marilyn hair

*Cole’s Corner*–   Starlight Sprites, white, and Aice aura


D-Lab–   Flying Saucer, Soul Red



You Aren’t From Around Here Are You

You Aren't From Around Here Are You

Click the photo for a larger view from my Flickr page!

I LOVE the new CenPetitaur by Jinx! So so cute! I used Fallen Gods Royale Garden Sprite petite, and there is a new update for that, includes just the top half of the avi, just rez your old box and the update comes to you. The petite you use needs to be able to alpha out/mod or have a top only option so just the top is visible.

On CenPetitaur:

Jinx –   CenPetitaur mod for Petite avatars, @We ❤ Roleplay

Fallen Gods–  Garden Sprite Royale Petite Avatar @ Fallen Gods

Wasabi Pills–  Anais hair for Petites @ Wasabi Pills

*Cinnamon*–  Tobiano coat texture in Ocean for Jinx Centaur, and Fluffy Tail for CenPetitaur, plus pastel texture HUD for Centaur Fluffy tail, @ Jinx

BareRose–  Lily Fairy wings and antennae for Petites, and Miraguede Emerald top from the set @ BareRose

On Gulliver:

Noble Creations–  Adventurer Boots, Caribbean Adventurer shirt and pants, @ Noble Creations

no.match–  no.perfection hair


All flowers and grass from Heart, Half-Deer Star Creeper Moss



Long Live The King

Long Live The King

There are a lot of people who hated the end of “Game Of Thrones”, I’m not one of them. I think it was the best the tv writers could do, in so little time and without a book to reference. We’ll just have to wait and see whether George R.R. Martin ends his book series in the same way.  🙂

On “Bran”:

Dura–  Anime hair

Avi-Glam–  Sinister eyes, in Ghost color

LostGem–  Achiever shirt, pants, belt, boots for Signature body. (This is a great place for men’s costumes.)

On “Child Of The Forest”

Fallen Gods–  Wood Nymph Winter Omega applier skin

no.match–  no.revenge hair

Moon Elixir–  Bjorn thong, sarong, bra, cloak, leg warmer, and Fenris boots

(fd)–  Sweet Witch Leaves Fall

.shi–  Creeper top and flying leaves (this is an old item, not sure of current availability)

Avi-Glam–  Sinister Eyes, Cursed color


Wishbringer–  Weirwood Tree

Love–  Victory Throne

Half-Deer–  Raven


Symbol Of Hope

Symbol Of Hope

Fantasy Faire exists to benefit Relay For Life/ The American Cancer Society‘s projects and research. This is something I can do to help eradicate the disease that took my mother and father-in-law from me. I don’t know anyone whose life has not been touched by this terrible thing.  Fantasy Faire for me has always symbolized hope, and what banding together for a common cause can accomplish. Fantasy Faire 2019 remains open through May 5th, where you can shop for amazing goodies knowing that profits from official vendors benefit Relay For Life! You can still have fun doing the quest, and the proceeds from sales of the quest HUD benefit Relay For Life! You can still explore these beautiful photogenic sims, created by amazingly talented people, who gave freely of their time and effort. Go experience Fantasy Faire 2019, if you do you’ll be waiting impatiently at the gate for the opening next year!

Here’s the taxi to Fairelands Junction, the portals to all the sims:



Wild And Free

Wild And Free

I am a unicorn today, thanks to goodies I picked up at Fantasy Faire 2019!

From Even Tide I am wearing a Purple Fade full body tattoo, also available in other colors. It looks so pretty with the “Venus In Me” dress by E.V.E, like they were made for each other! To top off my look I am wearing the Unicorn set in white including ears, horn and tail, from the Plastik. All purchases made from official vendors benefit Relay For Life/The American Cancer Society‘s projects and research to eradicate cancer. Buy something and do good! Everything I’ve mentioned here is available at Fantasy Faire 2019 on the Shrine Tree sim. 

Photo taken at Genesia sim at Fantasy Faire 2019


My Fairyland

My Fairyland

Fantasy Faire 2019 is amazing! Every day there are shows, dancing, music, Lit Fest Tours, and of course shopping!

Just think, you can shop all day/night long, and purchases made from official vendors benefit the projects and research of Relay For Life/The American Cancer Society! Win/win!

I am wearing:

Wasabi Pills Prudence hair, available @ Fantasy Faire 2019 on the Midas sim.

Plastik/Trap collaboration  Amatheia skin, the RFL exclusive shade purchased from Plastik @ Fantasy Faire 2019 The Shrine Tree sim.

Evie’s Closet Echo Fairy Wings, top, sleeves and skirt in RFL purple @Fantasy Faire 2019 Evie’s Closet on the Midas sim.

Photo taken at Fantasy Faire 2019 The Shrine Tree sim.

Go Relay!   🙂

All Roses Have Thorns

All Roses Have Thorns

Fantasy Faire 2019 started on April 18th, you need to get down there!

I got my demon on with the help of Sinful Needs Children Of The Night Omega evolved applier skin. I really love the barely visible just under the surface veins showing under the eyes and on the chest. Super creepy! Sinful Needs can be found at Fantasy Faire 2019 on the Twilight Spring sim.

I LOVE these Demon arms! They come in lots of colors and some are transparent like mine so you look through the skin to see bone underneath! Brilliant! Mine are a kind of dried blood color (LOVE!) with nice sharp talons. These wonderful arms are by Ghoul and can be found at Fantasy Faire 2019 on the Twilight Spring sim.

Purchases made from the Relay For Life vendors in each store benefit the research and projects of Relay For Life/American Cancer Society, so while you shop for cool stuff and gape at the amazingly creative sim builds, you are helping to treat and help eradicate cancer!

This photo was take on the  Fantasy Faire 2019 Quest sim of Thornfast.

Fantasy Faire 2019 Fairelands Junction portals to all sims.





Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

Here I am in the beautiful Byounimba sim at Fantasy Faire 2019, hitching a ride with a relative.  ;D  This Jeanette’s Joint skin, one of the Duality series (more colors available) , reminded me so much of an old American tv series called “V” about reptilian alien invaders…I couldn’t resist! How can YOU resist, you get to come to Fantasy Faire to get it! Jeanette’s Joint is on the Bayounimba sim.

My outfit, by Scarlet Fey, includes Elven Asym pants, boots, dragon top, coat and gauntlets. Mine is in red, there are several colors to choose from. Scarlet Fey is located on the Faireholm sim at Fantasy Faire 2019.

Fantasy Faire is all about helping Relay For Life/ American Cancer Society with it’s projects and research to help treat and eradicate cancer. Every store in Fantasy Faire has at least 2 vendors from which 100 percent of the proceeds benefit Relay For Life. How can you lose? Get yourself something cool, ooh and ah at the amazingly creative sim design, dance, listen to music, attend shows and and galleries….!!!!! Fantasy attire not your thing? Enjoy the music, shows and ambiance, and throw some lindens into any of the many scattered official kiosks around the sims.  See you there!


A Trio Of Dragons

A Trio Of Dragons

Fantasy Faire is open!!!!!!!

Come and support Relay For Life/ The American Cancer Society’s efforts, all the stores in Fantasy Faire have at least 2 vendors from which ALL proceeds go to Relay for Life, as well as gachas and lots more great stuff! There will be shows, a quest, music….! YOU GOTTA GET YOURSELF HERE!!!!

My character today is the Chibi Noodle Avatar  by Nutbusterz available in the gacha at the Jinx store/ Nutbusterz store (upstairs) on the Fairholm sim  @ Fantasy Faire 2019. I am wearing the RFL mod for this dragon from Folly located  at the Folly Store on the Urafiki sim

  See you there!  😀

Photo taken at Shrine Tree Sim, Fantasy Faire 2019