Enchantment presents “Twisted Fairytales” Aug. 13th- Sept. 3rd

no.match– No Desire hair at Enchantment

Shiny Stuffs– Step Sister makeup, #23 shadow and #4 liner, at Enchantment

lovelysweet– Poision Rouge Lipstick #3 at Enchantment

Tirrany Designs– Mirror Mirror, at Enchantment

United Colors- Pearl Collar Black at collabor88

Doe– Twinkling Stars Aura at collabor88

Sekai– Japanese Fan Cyan/Red at Okinawa Summer Festival

Caboodle– Fairy Arm Wraps at main store

Enchantment landmark will be live when the event opens on Aug.13th

Happy Shopping! 🙂


Shopping Details:

aii & ego– Night Glamour Lingerie Cape, Stockings, Bindi, choker & earrings at Midnight Order

Petrichor– Zarys gown (included leg chains, sleeves and armor not shown) at Midnight Order

S Club– Emily Hairstyle from the fatpack at Midnight Order

Ersch– Bellorica Body Jewelry at main store

LOVE– Pond Plants Giant Lotus, Lotus & Leaves and Pond Cover at LOVE main store

Happy Shopping! 🙂

Let’s Walk My Friend We Have Much To Discuss

Let's Walk My Friend We Have Much To Discuss
Shopping Details:

Rezz Room– Animesh Deer Companion at Access

AT Studio- Sakura Tattoo at Jail Event

Ersch– Foam Dress, was at Summer Shop & Hop, now closed, at main store soon

Petrichor– Kelstreia Bindi, Bodysuit, Complex Halo, & Horns (horns look like stained glass, gorgeous! With texture HUD) at main store

Magika– Cassiopeia Hair at main store

Naminoke– Shidare Sakura (hair sticks) at main store

Happy shopping! 🙂

May The Stars Shine Upon Your Faces

May The Stars Shine Upon Your Faces
We Love Roleplay opens July 4th!

Aerth– Moon Tears Horns with texture HUD, and Moon Tears full body tattoo, BOM regular & Evox at We Love Roleplay

Petrichor & Ersch collaboration- Raevynna corset and filigree, in fabric and leather versions. (Wearing fabric). Texture HUD for fabric and metal at Kinky Event

Ersch– Melfea Cape at main store

Magika– Monarch Hair includes crown to show or hide, at main store

Stardust– Starry Night Bento Pose #3 from the pack at main store

Goul– Tomie skin, Frozen color at main store

anc– Giant Bead Flowers and Gedroogle Berenklauw (dark flowers), Light Hoop at main store

Konoha– Nerani Pampas Grass at main store

It Was All A Technicolor Dream

It Was All A Technicolor Dream
I could not resist the “Gone With The Wind” set by Belle Epoque, now at The Arcade. You can get the Arcade HUD and sync to the machine and play for the parts, or buy the Fatpack (which I did!) I HAD to have this iconic outfit!
Now, where has Mr. Ashley Wilkes got himself to? 🙂

Belle Epoque– “Gone With The Wind” set, wearing hat, dress, necklace, gloves. Set also includes purse and parasol at The Arcade. (My daughter calls this hat the Potato Chip Hat, and now I can’t see it any other way, lol!)

Wingz hair is at collabor88 only through June 6th, hurry!

Happy shopping! 🙂

Living Echoes

Living Echoes
Living Echoes is a beautiful shopping sim at Fantasy Faire 2022, sponsored by Belle Epoque and Harshlands, designed and built by Janire Coba and Kadaj Yoshikawa.

This beautiful sim is peopled with these wonderful glowing “memories” or spirits, call them what you will. It’s a wonderful tribute, both to the people we have lost to cancer and to the battle we continue to fight to beat it once and for all.

I am wearing a “Memory” FREE low lag avatar, available right at the landing point on Living Echoes. (These are so cool!)


FAIRLANDS JUNCTION, portal to all Fantasy Faire sims

Happy shopping for a good cause! 🙂


Here’s to the ones that we got
Cheers to the wish you were here, but you’re not
‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
Of everything we’ve been through
Toast to the ones here today
Toast to the ones that we lost on the way
‘Cause the drinks bring back all the memories
And the memories bring back, memories bring back you

-from “Memories” by Maroon 5

Discovering Necturn Moon

Discovering Necturn Moon
I HAD to come back to Necturn Moon! I shot another blog picture here, and I loved it so much I had to come back and explore. I love the colors, the organic beautiful building structures, the plants, everything! Necturn Moon is sponsored by Jinx.

Necturn Moon was designed and built by Julala Demina and Lil’ Cinnamon, and both their Fantasy Faire stores can be found here. This is a shopping sim so of course, I did a bit of shopping….

Jinx- Cen-Lightaur Body, a lighter version of the Jinx centaur, a bit more delicate and slightly smaller, at Jinx on the Necturn Moon Sim. DIRECT STORE LANDMARK

Cinnamon- Dred Tail and Light Leg Fluffs, at Cinnamon main store

Lunistice– Cosmic skin for all Jinx Centaurs, also a version for all Teeglpets and Teegle horse/unicorn/alicorns at Lunistice on Necturn Moon. This is an RFL item, which means all profits go to Relay For Life. DIRECT STORE LANDMARK

Petrichor– Sylaire Horns, Brass. I must confess, the silver color doesn’t look like brass but I love them! The included texture HUD can change metal color and the glass tint. These are some of the most beautiful horns I have ever seen! At Petrichor’s Fantasy Faire store on The Carnelian Archive sim. DIRECT STORE LANDMARK

Necturn Moon
Fantasy Faire 2022, as always, benefits The American Cancer Society-Relay for life.

From The Fantasy Faire Blog:


Celebrating its fourteenth year, Fantasy Faire 2022 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world, bringing their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.

Happy shopping for a good cause! 🙂

For Us All

For Us All
Fantasy Faire benefits The American Cancer Society-Relay For Life, to support it’s vision of a world without cancer.

Cancer has affected most people’s lives in one way or another, and I am no exception. Cancer took my Mom in 1998 and my Father In Law in 2005. My Sister in Law survived her battle with cancer, and two dear friends won their battles, one last year, the other had successful surgery to remove her tumor just last month. One co-worker’s mom died, another co-worker’s Mom and sister are in radiation treatment now. It’s everywhere, it can affect anyone.

I am here to support Relay For Life’s vision, in their ceaseless search for more and better treatments and support for those battling cancer and their care givers. Being one person with average financial resources, I cannot write some huge check, but I can support this vision using whatever talent I have, and get this vision in front of as many eyeballs as I can. Together we can do so much more, encouraging and supporting one another in this battle, and we can work to end cancer in our lifetime.

Shopping Details:

Soul– Lianna Danatela Skin, BOM and Evox supported in many colors. This one is the RFL item, which means all profits go to Relay For Life. Soul Direct Store Land mark on the Atheneum sim.

KMH Hair– F195 KMH Direct Store Landmark on the Bassett Town sim.

Jelly- Hera dress, bralette and sash, from the fatpack. Jelly Direct Store Landmark on the Broceliande sim.

Zibska– Tanzi Headpiece from the set that includes brows, brow orbits and shoulder orbits

Zibska Direct Store Landmark on the Tenpyo sim.

Frangipani Garden– Sakura Flower Antlers, Frangipani Garden Direct Landmark on the Broceliande sim.

Rise Design– Catalina Necklace (set includes earrings not worn) Rise Design Direct Store Landmark on the Broceliande sim.

Photographed at the amazing Syvueselah sim at Fantasy Faire 2022

Happy shopping for a great cause! 🙂

The Blue Fairy

The Blue Fairy
Fantasy Faire 2022, a benefit for American Cancer society- Relay For Life, runs April 21- May 8!

I took this photo at beautiful Mythspire Ridge, a shopping and Literary Fest sim designed by Elicio Ember, at Fantasy Faire 2022.

Petrichor/Trap– This gorgeous skin! A collaboration of Petrichor and Trap, this is the Relay For Life version (RFL) which means all profits go to Relay For Life! It’s called Narierus- Marillae, love the colors, and I love that there are included BOM layers for EvoX heads, yay! LOVE! Petrichor Direct Store Landmark on the Carnelian Archive sim.

CKit Falconry- Barn Owl shoulder pet, very realistic animations, I got lots of compliments on it! CKit Falconry Direct Store Landmark on the Necturn Moon sim.

Kotolier- Circlet Justus, w/ texture change HUD. Kotolier Direct Store Landmark on the Chrysalis Gardens sim.

Monso- Jinx hair at main store

aii- Fae Wings at main store

Happy shopping for a great cause! 🙂

Exploring Necturn Moon

Exploring Necturn Moon
Fantasy Faire 2022 in now open! The Faire runs April 21- May 8 and as always, benefits The American Cancer Society- Relay For Life.

Fairlands Junction Landmark, portal to all the sims.

I took my picture on the beautiful Necturn Moon shopping sim designed/built by Julala Demina and Lil’ Cinnamon. There are twenty regions of beautiful creative sims designed by some of the best designer/builders on the grid. THIS IS THE PLACE for anything Fantasy related, and it all benefits a great cause! You can explore, shop, dance, see a show and experience the best event in Second Life! 🙂


Quills & Curiosities– Faun legs, tintable layers, and complete with ears (not worn in photo) and tail. At Fantasy Faire on the Bassett Town Sim. Direct store Landmark

Rainbow Sundae– Aegeus Horns in purple. This is an RFL (Relay For Life) item, which means 100 percent of the profits go to Relay For Life. 🙂 This item can be found on the Doriath sim at Fantasy Faire. Direct Store Landmark

Doux- Shai Hairstyle

Vegas Tattoo– Seriyu tattoo light

Asteroid Box– Leona Corset tank now at kustom9

Heaux/Velour- collaboration, Alettia Fantasy skin in lavender at Velour

Rezz Room– Three Headed Dragon small and large fatpack, was at Neo Japan and should be in main store soon!

See you at Fantasy Faire! 🙂