New Old World

New Old World

Enchantment’s “Kitsune Tales” runs May 9th-May 31st

On me:

KMH– Hair F135 @ Enchantment

La Malvada Mujer– Dream On Tattoo @ Enchantment

*c*C*c*– Ayakashi Kitune Dress, white @ Enchantment

Antaya– Dance With Fans pose set includes both black and white fans, @ Enchantment

Epic– Cyber.Punk.Rosie.Kitsune Footgear and Headpiece, @ Enchantment


The Quick Red Fox

The Quick Red Fox

Enchantment’s “Kitsune Tales” round runs May 9th – May 31st.

On me:

Exia– Akaru Kimono and Akaru Zouri @ Enchantment

LuluB!– Kitsune makeup tattoo @ Enchantment

Reliquary– Kiseru of The Kitsune (pipe) @ Enchantment (Did you notice it has a fox wrapped around it? So cute!)

Limereance– Kitsune hair at main store

Schadenfreude– Kitsune 9 Tails (marketplace)


Xantes– Kitsune Garden (complete, I added only bamboo and the BIG stones) @ Enchantment


What Does The Fox Say

What Does The Fox Say

Enchantment “Kitsune Tales” opened May 9th! There are some really wonderful goodies there, here are a few…

On me:

Fugue– Melody Kimono style mini dress with shorts in many lovely patterns and colors, @ Enchantment

Jinx– Fox Gacha, this is the Spirit shoulder rider, there are companions and animesh foxes in Spirit, Red and White as well @ Enchantment

Fallen Gods– Expanding Universe Psychic Opals skin, Omega, BOM, and system layers, PG version included. Through May 10th at Fantasy Faire Fallen Gods store on Zodiac sim, in main store soon!

{GHOSTED}– Kitsukami Headdress and tail, Fox Secret Opal from the gacha at {GHOSTED}


LOVE– Bamboo Forest and Bamboo Arch @Enchantment

Irrisistible Shop– Sakura 2 Patch Trees and ground flowers@ Enchantment

Harshlands– Inari Torii- Ruined Engraved Arch @ Enchantment


I’m Here For You

I'm Here For You


Celebrating its twelfth year, Fantasy Faire 2020 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world, bringing their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer. (From the Fantasy Faire website)

Why do I relay? Well, it has pretty much been the same reasons others have. Most (if not all) people involved with Fantasy Faire have had their lives impacted by cancer in some way. People have had the disease themselves, or, like me, have lost family and friends. I lost my Mother to cancer right before Mother’s Day 1997. She lost a four year battle that was hell on her, and also on her family. I relay for my Mom, and myself, and for you, so maybe the money we raise together will be just the right amount at just the right time to allow that one researcher to discover a cure. Maybe you won’t have to go through four years of hell, watching someone you love fade away, or heaven forbid, battle this yourself. I’m here at Fantasy Faire, I relay for you, I relay for me, I relay for my Mom. I’ll relay as long as there is a Fantasy Faire, and as long as there is a “me”. Envision a world without cancer….


I am wearing the Duchess of Devonshire gown and hat in sky from Belle Epoque, at Fantasy Faire on the Sirens Lore sim.

Fantasy Faire 2020 is still open for shopping, performances and the quest through May 10th, 2020.

Photo taken on the Elemaria sim, Fantasy Faire 2020.

Breakfast With The Fairies

Breakfast With The Fairies

Dear humans, you may have heard that you should NEVER accept food or drink from Fairies lest you be trapped in Fairyland forever, however, during the duration of the Fantasy Faire, we have relaxed our rules somewhat…

Celebrating its twelfth year, Fantasy Faire 2020 is the largest gathering of fantasy designers, enthusiasts, roleplayers and performers in the virtual world, bringing their own visions together to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer. (From the Fantasy Faire website)

As you wander the most beautiful and creative sims shopping, dancing, watching a show, listening to stories, questing, did I say shopping? Know that everything you donate to or buy from any RFL vendor donates between 25% to 100% of lindens received to Relay for life. Have a blast and fight cancer? Heck yeah!

On me:

Petricore– Visciverous Femme Skin, Sylvanius color at Petricore in Fantasy Faire on the Lamented Fens sim.

Wasabi– Anaia Mesh Hair, at the Wasabi store in Fantasy Faire on the Zodiac sim.

Neverwish– Dreamer Arms and Horns, at Neverwish store at Fantasy Faire on the Zodiac sim.

Mishmash Fusion– Wings gacha RARE purple. (These are in a gacha, but the RARE is the only item in there, so you always get them!) at the Mishmash Fusion store at Fantasy Faire, in the Lamented Fens sim.

1313 Mockingbird Lane– Ella Leg Wraps in purple, at Fantasy Faire on the Autumnium sim.

Lybra– Frankie dress at Uber


Wandering Into Wonder- Auxentio’s Pass

Wandering Into Wonder-  Auxentio's Pass

Auxentios’ Pass by Faust Steamer.
The icebound town of Auxentios’ Pass is influenced by a plethora of wealth their land has given them, which granted them the ability to embellish their buildings and increase basic comfort on the streets against subzero climate. The heart of the pass bears a mine that drew all leading minds of industry across the continent to set their eyes upon, and turned this town of hardship into a trophy of humankind’s strength above all. This wintery steampunk town is both designed around survival and its people’s triumph over the burdens of this unforgiving pass. (From the Fantasy Faire Website)

This first paragraph I put down, gentle reader, to inform you of the town’s renown, and now, I will tell you how I came to be here.

Fae beings generally don’t feel the cold as humans do, but we do have to take some precautions against ice. I was caught in a sudden storm, my wings iced over and I barely made it home, collapsing on my family’s doorstep. My body recovered fairly quickly, but my delicate wing membranes were all but destroyed from ice and a severe form of what humans call Frostbite. My family decided to take me to Auxentio’s Pass, as the doctors there were very experienced in dealing with ailments brought on by the ice and cold. They told me that my wing bones were sound, but my wing membranes were essentially dead and could never be healed. They did however offer me a brilliant alternative! The doctors collaborating with the town’s engineers fitted me with a brilliant set of prosthetic wings! They were surgically attached to my healthy wing bones so I can control them just as I did my old wings! They do require maintenance, wind shreds the cloth just as it did my living wing membrane, but it cannot heal itself like living tissue. I report back to Auxentio’s Pass once a year to get my wings tuned up and re-upholstered, and I am good to go! Isn’t it wonderful what people working together can accomplish? We live in an amazing time!

I am wearing:

Static– Da Vinci Wings, Icarus version. Old World version available also, not shredded and printed with old world maps. Static at Fantasy Faire is on the Auxentio’s Pass sim.

Peculiar Things– Little Diesel Punks set A ( hat comes with goggles, not worn) at The Engine Room event.

The Forge– Evelyn brown leather body suit, this is an RFL item! The Forge at Fantasy Faire is located on the Lamented Fens sim.

Bolson Tattoo– Batau purchased at Neo Japan (now closed) but it should be in the main store soon if not already.


Wandering Into Wonder- Queensgarden

Wandering Into Wonder-  Queensgarden

Fantasy Faire 2020, Second Life’s premier fantasy event benefiting The American cancer Society- Relay For Life, runs April 23rd to May 10th ( or perhaps a bit longer…!) Beautifully creative fantasy sims (18 of them!), shopping, shows, roleplay, classes, a quest, dance parties…! All benefiting the Relay For Life vision of a world without cancer. It’s a win-win!

Today I am wandering around Queensgarden, Fantasy Faire’s quest sim. It’s here you will pick up your quest HUD, follow the clues and win cool prizes! Beautifully designed by Gidget Addagio, Queensgarden is sponsored by The Neo Victoria Project. I’m just gasping at the beauty, even if you don’t do the quest, visit this sim for the experience!

I am wearing:

Jinx– Cenlightaur, a lighter slimmer version of her very popular centaur body. This will suit those of us with smaller frames and slimmer figures-shapes. This is available for a limited time packaged with an extra animation and this special Relay For Life body coat by Cinnamon here at Fantasy Faire on the Heliodor sim. Also available at the Jinx store is this beautiul Arabian Nights tack set including a HUD with several beautiful colors!

Soul– Jayln Ranitomeya v.2 skin, appliers, omega and Bom layers included, love it, so beautifully decorated! There is a version for men as well! Soul is on the Zodiac sim at Fantasy Faire.

Cinnamon– Flag Tail for Cenlightaur, RFL version, available for other Centaur bodies at Cinnamon’s store on the Lunafae sim.

Wasabi Pills Venere hair, Irrisistible Shop cuff, headress and bodice trim from the Delilah Arabian Nights outfit, Swallow Noldor elf ears, Moon Elixir Caput Draconis top at the main stores. 🙂

Wandering Into Wonder-Lunafae

Wandering Into Wonder -Lunafae

Fantasy Faire 2020 is OPEN!!!!! Here I am wandering the gorgeous Lunafae sim, sponsored by The Looking Glass. OH MY GAH!!!! You HAVE to see this sim and all the sims (18 of them!)!!!! Fantasy Faire is a yearly Second Life Event that benefits The American Cancer Society-Relay for life. This year it features 200 of the best Fantasy creators on the grid! You can shop in the most beautifully creative fantasy environments, pick up the latest in Fantasy wares, and know that you are doing it for a good cause. What could be better than that? There is a whole schedule of events like dance parties, roleplaying, a quest… I could go on and on! Check out the Fantasy Faire website for specific event details and times .

On me:

Rainbow Sundae– Fairy Skin Overlay, ( mine is blue). They come in pretty pastel shades with light decoration and you wear them right over your regular skin! The color you get depends on the skin you wear under it to a degree, mine went a bit to the turquoise because of my skin tone, but I still look like me, only better! You can find these in Rainbow Sundae’s store on the “Mistakes Were Made” sim.

Fairelands Junction, portal to all the sims

Mistakes Were Made sim

Belle Epoque – Sasha skirt and top, @ We Love Roleplay

Letituier– Lily hair, pastels

Swallow– Noldor Elf Ears @ main store

Air– Ichie Gold Hair Accessories, @ Fantasy Faire in the Lunafae sim

Love– Glass Wings, Gold @ main store




On me:

Rainbow Sundae– Dryad Skin Overlay. This goes right over your normal skin so you still look like you, only green tinted with a light pattern of leaves. I LOVE this! @ We Love Roleplay

Belle Epoque– Chlorophyll RARE Bodysuit and Ivy Feet @ The Epiphany

Wasabi– Venere Mesh Hair, windblown @ main store

Zibska– Stelara Eye Makeup, 50L for Wanderlust Weekend through 4-19-20 @ main store


Air– Botan (peonies) Mauve @ We Love Roleplay

Runic– Crystal Rain, @ We Love Roleplay

Raindale– Meadowtwirl Swing, discounted to 50L through 4-19-20 Wanderlust Weekend item @ main store

Love– Wisteria fatpack, Wanderlust weekend item discounted to 50L through 4-19-20 @ main store

Heart– Wildflowers and grasses @ main store




Neo Japan has been open for a few days now. I couldn’t get in, but I found that if you went to the Gabriel main store, you can cam over and up to the event. 🙂 (Which I did!)

On me:

Lelutka– Evolution head Nova @ main store

The Skinnery– BOM layer skin Ashley @ main store soon if not already

Maitreya– Lara Mesh body v. 5.1 @ main store

Tableau Vivant– Tamani Lelutka hairbase and add on bun color HUDS for hair and hair sticks @ Neo Japan

Bolson Tattoo– Batou, BOM layers included, unisex, @ Neo Japan

Toksik– Isolate top and pants in grey. Top has HUD to show/hide tank top, and to change colors of tank top, belt, straps and buckles. This outfit comes in men’s versions as well, @ Neo Japan

Zibska– Minori eye makeup with color change HUD @ Neo Japan

Mano Kado– Kasamawashi Cat, red, from the gacha. This is a common item! This is an attachment, and as such has 0 land impact, but be careful if you use it as decor, it’s 43 prims if you just set it out! He’s animated, spins the parasol which tumbles the box on top. Super cute! @ Neo Japan

Gabriel– Geta Boots, group gift

Ana Poses– from the Bologna pose set for her, @ The Men’s Department