From The Depths

From The Depths

Chronicles & Legends “The Depths Of Madness” event runs Oct. 9- Oct 31.


Old Treasures– Cthylla Necklace at Chronicles & Legends

Drunken Brokkr– Eldritch Abomination (Wings and body tentacles) with texture HUD at Chronicles & Legends

Rainbow Sundae– R’leyeh Priestess Crown with texture HUD at Chronicles & Legends

Nefekalum Tattoos– “An Elder God” Tattoo and Horns (long horns pictured) with texture HUD at Chronicles & Legends

Heaux/Velour collaboration– Dark Elf BOM skin at Velour main store

Lelutka– Gaia Mesh Head at Equal 10 (afterward at main store)

Argrace– Hikari Hair (oldie but goodie for wet hair) at Argrace main store


Harshlands– Montrous Blossoms at Chronicles & Legends

Happy Shopping! 🙂



Chronicles & Legends “The Depths Of Madness”, an H.P. Lovecraft inspired event runs Oct. 9 – Oct. 31.

Unholy– Cthulu GuardianTattoos at Chronicles & Legends

Verboten– Arkdham Umbrella, with texture change HUD for tentacles and type on the outside at Chronicles & Legends

Storybook– Corruption Markings tattoo and Madness Eyes with texture HUD at Chronicles & Legends

Zibsa- Invenient Mask at Chronicles & Legends

Decoy– Black Magic Dress at Salem Event

Lilith’s Den– Gdanagla [out of the floor] at main store

Truth– Trinket Hair at main store

Happy Shopping! 🙂



Chronicles & Legends “The Depths Of Madness”, an H.P. Lovecraft inspired event, runs Oct. 9th- Oct. 31st. Opening time is 11:59 PM.

Le Sucreries De Fairy– Shezash Dress from the set, in purple. Set includes arm warmer, Leg warmers and collar, available in several colors @ Chronicles & Legends

Shiny Stuffs– “Beautiful Madness” Creepy Smoke Tattoo and HD Tentacle appliers for Lelutka Evo and

EvoX heads @ Chronicles & Legends

LOVE- Beastiary Cloud @ Chronicles & Legends

Attic- Tentacle Head w/ texture change HUD @ Chronicles & Legends

Doux– Sophie Hair at main store

Happy Shopping! 🙂

The Moon And Her Friend

The Moon And Her Friend

Velour– Alien Skin, for Lelutka EvoX and Maitreya, @ Cyber Fair

Zibska– Vidar Headpiece @ We Love Roleplay

{anc}– Flash Rain, Mist Cloud Gold, Starry Starry Night and Starry Garden Field, Gedroogde Berenklauw (dark flowers), Breath Of Rose (falling petals of light) and Garden by {anc} End Of Universe Roses

Moon Amore– Amonia Gown, Onyx

Tarte– Star Lights (rainbow) Ground and Air




Enchantment’s “Valley Of Plenty” round runs Aug. 14th- Sept.4th

Rainbow Sundae– Sylvi’s Chain, available in gold and silver with a texture change HUD for the jewels, @ Enchantment

Swallow– Earrings E05 for Lelutka Evox Elf Ears, includes HUD for texture change and show/hide chains and drop jewel. Love the metal tips! @ kustom9

Exile– Gia hair at main store

{anc}– Moon Roses in white and Iris in blue, Garden by {anc}

Happy shopping!


People Linked By Destiny Will Always Find Each Other

People Linked By Destiny Will Always Find Each Other
Enchantment’s “Valley Of Plenty” round runs Aug. 14th- Sept.4th

VSM– We are both using Wizard Sword- Pose #2 mirror from the set (“Ciri’s” head position tweaked by me) includes props @ Enchantment

Wicca’s Originals– Ardam Headband (shown without center drop jewel), @ Enchantment

Jangka- Zora complete outfit in green, top, pants, gloves boots @ Enchantment

Magika– Cassiopeia hair (on “Ciri”) at main store

(Clipper found his “Geralt” avatar on the marketplace)

Happy Shopping!


Nobody Smart Plays Fair

Nobody Smart Plays Fair
Enchantment’s “Valley Of Plenty” round runs Aug.14th- Sept. 4th.

This picture is a nod to the famous bathtub scene in both The Witcher video games and the Netflix TV series. “Yennefer” does actually say the title line, though not in this situation, but she may as well have, lol!

Silvan Moon Designs– Blood & Wine gown in black (other lovely colors available) @ Enchantment

Loa– Necromancer skin for Lelutka EvoX heads, worn here on Avalon head, @ Enchantment

Laminak– Medieval Bathtub set, Brown Oak, includes bathtub, (shown) both decor and animation benches (decor shown) and washing stool plus accessories plank (shown). @ Enchantment

Xantes– Secret Garden Ruins 03, @ Enchantment

Tardfish– Nyx Candles @ FLF Birthday Bash (for 50 L!) through Sept. 3rd

Foxwood– Little Cerberus (three headed pup asleep on the bench at far right of picture) @ Wizarding Faire

Magika– Faith Hair (on “Yennefer”) new at main store

no.match– no.witcher hair (on “Geralt”) in main store

Happy Shopping!


Gallows Tree

Gallows Tree
More goodies from Enchantment! “Valley Of Plenty” round runs Aug. 14th- Sept. 4th 2021

3rd Eye– Gallows Tree (Spooky! With hanging skeletons! Great for RP or Halloween!)@ Enchantment

[Moon-Sha]– Medieval House (This is a great little house, good textures and a surprisingly spacious upstairs loft, only 11 li !!! Yes ELEVEN!) @ Enchantment

LOVE– Moonbeams, white, static from the pack and Witch Skull Decor # 1 from the pack @ Enchantment

Happy Shopping!



Enchantment’s “Valley Of Plenty” round runs Aug.15th – Sept.4th.

This round is built around the stories of the monster hunter, a beautiful mage, and a runaway princess…(you know who I mean, there is a Netflix series about them!) I’m just not allowed to actually say their correct names…….anyway!

Toss a coin to your designers o’ valley of SL plenty! 😀

Jinx– Lamia tail for both men and women with texture HUD, @ Enchantment

Xantes– Secret Garden Ruins 01 @ Enchantment

Happy Shopping!



Elfame is a Scottish word meaning “Fairyland”, “Fae Land” or “Elf Home”.

My picture was taken at the new Linden Fantasy Homes display homes. (They will be available “soon” for SL Premium members. 🙂 ).

Moon Amore– Serenity Dress, Princess in Darks. This amazing dress comes in a two pack with the “Queen” dress and you buy either the Dark or Light pack. There are beautiful colors in each HUD and you can change almost every part of the dress! (This dress includes sleeves, not shown). @ Crystal Heart Festival

Ayashi– Sakura Hair, Basics pack. This hair comes with a headdress you can wear or not, and a HUD to change it’s color. @ Crystal Heart Festival

Idiosyncratic– Astral Orbiter @ Anthem

Sapa Poses– Pose Pack # 141 @ Anthem