No Strings On Me

No Strings On Me

On me:

MoonAmore–   Puppet Show Puppet Master Dress RARE with HUD and Scene Stockings Azul, @ Epiphany

Zibska–  Centomila Face Mask and 3 Headpieces with HUD 50 L for Wanderlust Weekend, (10/18-10/20) @ Zibska main store

Letitieur–  Vixie hair @ main store

Cole’s Corner–  Glamor Glitter White @ main store

Luminaria–  Gently Floating Stars @ main store


Death Row Design (DRD)–  Mystery Mansion3 @ main store

Nutmeg–  Soul Collectors Bag of Souls RARE black, Candle, Phonograph, Armchair Brown, Books, Draped Table, and Raven RARE @ The Epiphany




I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost

This picture was taken inside DRD’s new Mystery Mansion 3, and I think it’s the best yet! Dilapidated, deteriorating, delightful! If I was dead I’d live here! That sounds wrong….sorta, but you get the drift. Beautifully grand with it’s rotting floor boards, peeling wallpaper and tree growing into the upstairs bathroom, it’s so beautifully degraded! No bloodstains, I consider this a plus, AND you can buy the house by itself and play the gacha for the rotting furnishings! LOVE!!! At Death Row Designs ( DRD) main store.

The Ghost Hunter Station is the final prize in DRD’s Paranormal Hunt, ongoing from October 1- 31. You pick up prizes along the way around the sim, this is the last one. The hunt is fun and DRD is amazing, try your luck! @ DRD main store

I used some DRD furnishings I had already, The Dark Chandelier from Mystery Mansion 1 gacha, and the Chair pile from Mystery Mansion 2 gacha, at the DRD sim.

My cool ghosts are from the Illuminati pose pack from Nantra. I am wearing Sintiklia‘s Rowan hair and you can find this cute Punkish Girl dress by cCc at Baroqued Gothical

Happy ghost hunting!  🙂

If You Change Your Mind Can I Have The Old One

If You Change Your Mind Can I Have The Old One

LOVE the  new mod for the Jinx Centaur! Zombie Woman is available @ We ❤ Roleplay, along with Skeleton Spooky Rider by Mr. Necturus and Jinx. I am tossing around the Specter Orb Censer (demonic) from Egosumai available at the main store. I am sort of wearing .B.F. Carrie Bandage, grey, from the set @ FameshedX. Argrace Saki hair is at the main store. I took this picture at the Death Row Designs sim Cemetery, available to purchase as a set or in parts. Happy Haunting!


A Little Hocus Pocus

A Little Hocus Pocus

Some pictures kind of shoot themselves. This one started with the Spellbook by Noxturnal that I picked up for 50L on Wanderlust Weekend! Pictured is the blinking hold-able version, there is also an unscripted prop version. LOVE, had to have! It kind of snowballed from there….

On me:

Catwa–  Mesh Head Lilly

Maitreya–  Mesh Body Lara

Golden Years–  Abigail skin @ main store

Letituier–  Zira Hair @ main store

Meva–  Julia Bento Rings @ main store

Zibska–  Bussaba and Kiku  Catwa and Omega makeups @ main store

Monomania–  Hocus Pocus Winnie Dress from Marketplace

Black Bantam–  Shrunken Witch Hand Necklace @ Salem

Noxturnal–  The Spellbook @ main store

Cole’s Corner–  Wicked Witch Hand particle effect @ main store

Slack Girl–  Slack Claw Classic @ main store


Mooh!–  Alchemist Shelves, Potion Rack, Potion Bottles from the gacha @ main store

The Looking Glass–  Tudor Manor house @ main store

Raindale–  Grimward set of cauldrons @ Trick Or Treat Lane

DAD– Let’s Party Skeleton Props @Salem




Life Finds A Way

Life Finds A Way

What does life want from you?

I just finished reading “The Overstory” by Richard Powers, Pulitzer Prize winning fiction, I highly recommend it. Trees are the main characters…life is a main character too. Read it!

On me:

Sintiklia–  Rowena Hair, @ Fameshed

The Forge–  Xella top comes in a set with matching shorts, fatpack has color change HUD to mix and match. @Neo Japan

Dappa–  Sekatsu tattoo @ Neo Japan

Tentacio–  Ryu body (robot body), half or full, ( I am wearing half) in white also available in black @ Neo Japan

SynCo–  Black Cyber Stomps @ main store now hopefully, purchased at Cyber event a few months ago.

Mandala–  Steking Ears season 5

Catwa–  Lily mesh head

Maitreya–  Lara mesh body


Rez Room–  Cyber Greyhound, Animesh, with a color change HUD for the trim. He’s a companion dog that also includes static poses. The animations are very realistic! @ Neo Japan

Thus Magic–  Urban Sci-Fi Steampunk Trees, I used Wheel, Bronze and Silver Air, from the set @ Fallen Gods 12th Anniversary

Heart–  Silver Birch sapling (shrunk teeny-tiny by me)

Forest Feast–  Shizuku Field, white and Falling Dew.

{anc}–  Soil, ash


Spells And Incantations

Spells And Incantations

It looks like Trixie and I have a lot of work to do!  🙂 …

On me:

Doe–  Agatha Hair with hat, wear the bangs or not. (It makes me kinda look like Zoe Benson from American Horror Story  ;D  ) @ Salem

Neve–  Learn Dress in black , it looks like a sweater and skirt, laces up the back, so cute! @ Uber

Dirty Princess–  Flawless Princess Boots

[Conviction]–  The Claws v.2, @ Salem

(The book I’m holding is an old inventory item, forgot where I got it.)


DRD–  Antique Shoppe building plus book stacks, wall textures (pictures), Gramaphone Display, Clock Display, Collectables Display Webby and rug, all from the Antique Shoppe fat pack from DRD @Uber 

DRD–  Old Couches from Mystery Mansion 1 gacha, at the DRD main store

Foxwood–  Ghost Kitty, available in different colors, @ Uber

MudHoney–  Spooky Decor Ghosts, @ Salem

Insomnia Angel–  Necromancy Magician’s Assistant, from the Gacha @ The Arcade through 9-30-19




Fly By Night

Fly By Night

On me:

Zibska–  Thunnus (Fish Head) 3 color versions on the HUD @ The Ark

Foxwood–  Ghost Fish,  School Decor and Big Decor, pack includes animated versions, @ collabor88

E.V.E–  Star Glitter Suit & add-ons, @ E.V.E main store

Moon Elixir–  Origin Bodysuit in white, @ main store

Cole’s Corner–  Manabeam Aura & Heavenly Ranger Halo in blue, @ main store


Let’s Set Logic Aside For The Moment

Let's Set Logic Aside For The Moment


On me and in the background:

Disorderly–  Dusty Ideas, Broken, comes as a set with unbroken lightbulb as well. Can be worn and/or used as props when enlarged. LOVE! @ collabor88

Lagom–  Mist Balls, I rezzed them all, lots of delicate colors and sparkles, (enlarged for photo) @ Lagom main store

Stargazer Creations–  Jiale Variety skin set, this was a  50L bargain for Wanderlust Weekend. All bodies Omega involved, and BOM skins, plus a separate Shimmer HUD. Fabulous! @ Stargazer main store (no longer on sale.)

Belle Epoque–  Gaia body wrap in white @ Belle Epoque main store

Photo taken at The Ippos Collective


Join The Family Contest – Angelic Deadmore

Join The Family Contest -Angelic Deadmore

I did this picture for the DRD Join The Family Contest, here are the details.

On me:

Black Bantam–   Cyclops Cutie Doll RP Head, @ collabor88

Insomnia Angel–  Miss Angelic Dress RARE @ The Arcade

Yokai–  Fairytale Umbrella, silver, @ collabor88

Sintiklia–  Titania hair @ main store

Kokoro–  Nara pose pack #4 (tweaked by me)


About the Join The Family Contest

Join the Family Contest

Join the Family Contest




Each October the DRD team is out and about at the store handing out an exclusive collectible during our annual Halloween Hunt. This year we invite three of you to join us as part of the Deadmore family. You will receive an exclusive item to hand out to visitors, as well as a full set of our newest gacha plus, every hunt item…not to mention the family name!




➊ Create an image of your avatar dressed as a member of the Deadmore family. Our family is diverse and strange, humans, creatures, objects, ghosts and animals are all part of our DNA, so we know you could be anything at all.


➋ Create your name (Houseplant Deadmore for example) and a little bit about yourself. Where have you been? What are you up to? How did you lose an eye….we want to know.


➌ Submit your picture to our flickr group with the title “Join The Family Contest” along with the details you wrote about yourself in the description. It is also IMPORTANT to add your inworld name so we can find you!


➍ Make sure you submit before the last day! September 27th!



Entries Accepted: September 6th – September 27th

Entry Location:


Faerie Forest

Faerie Forest

Click the picture for a larger view from my Flickr page!

I haven’t used my Doll avatar in quite awhile, so I decided to dust her off for this picture. She makes such a cute gothy little faery!  🙂

On me:

*coco*  – MyDollKit doll body with Bento hands in Peach, Group Gift Sara Doll Head @ *coco* Designs Dolls

*coco*  – MyDoll Sheer MidSkirt in black, SleevelessCropTop in BlackAllLace, Group Gift Jester Boots, Insect wings from previous BJD  doll avatar @ *coco* Designs Dolls

Foxy–  Zephyr Hair  @ main store

Lode–  Head Accessory, Grapes and Roses, Dark


Landscaping By Felix–  Mesh Autumn Wild Garden ( all in one piece! except for 2 benches and some flying leaves) @ Landscaping By Felix main store

Cica Ghost–  Cica’s Bird X with resizer @ Cica’s Store