Enchantment “Viking Saga” runs Feb. 13th – March 8th.

I HAD to have this headpiece! I’m a sucker for big statement items like this! It’s from #187, at the Enchantment “Viking Saga” event. 🙂

#187– Viking Headpiece (love it!) @ Enchantment

Zibska– Svava Eyemakeup and Blush tattoo layers, @ Enchantment

Rawr!– Viking Rings @ Enchantment

Puke Rainbows– Floating Runes gold, @ Enchantment

Photo taken on location @ Enchantment “Viking Saga”


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Enchantment’s “Viking Saga” round is now open! It runs Feb. 13th- March 8th. I love this pose set by Nantra, the Brynhildr poses. The weapons and horse are self rezzing, I love that!

On me:

Ayashi– Astrid hair, show and hide option on a ribbon ( I have it hidden) @ Enchantment

Arte– Viking Tattoos, Cheeks and Eyes (can be worn separately) @ Enchantment

Rainbow Sundae– Hilda Headband, 2 color options on the HUD @ Enchantment

Jangka– Viking outfit, includes boots and armbands. I am wearing brown, it’s available in other colors @ Enchantment

Nantra– Brynhildr Pose from the set, self rezzing props included @ Enchantment


Xantes– Black Bear Rock, @ Enchantment


Shield Maiden

Shield Maiden

Enchantment’s “Viking Saga” round runs Feb.13- March8.

I love this amazing “Valkyrie” outfit by Exia, collect all the pieces from the gacha! Several colors available, I’m wearing Silver. The headpiece is the rare item.

Exia- Valkyrie outfit, available in the gacha @ Enchantment

Kokoro– Lagertha pose pack, includes weapon and shield, @ Enchantment

3rd Eye– Titan Warrior Statue @ Enchantment

Exile– Aspen Hair @ collabor88


I Remember You

I Remember You

Enchantment “Viking Saga” opens Feb. 13th! Here are some of the goodies you will find there!

no.match– no.rust hair, @ Enchantment

Silvan Moon Designs- Daughter Of Olaf Tunic Set, I’m wearing brown.(Other colors available). Set includes shirt, mail and girdle, with BOM layer leggings @ Enchantment

[VSM]– Viking Pose Set U01, “Spear” @ Enchantment

LOVE– Oland Viking Standing Stones, circle, group of three, and grave marker stones used. @ Enchantment

LOVE– Rune Cloud Set, wearable and cloud 1 used, @ Enchantment

LOVE– Moorland Grass Pack, #1, 2, 4 &10 used. @ Enchantment

3rd Eye– The Viking Grave, Enchantment Hunt Gift (do the hunt!) @ Enchantment

{TWS}– Dorlein Boots in brown for Maitreya (Martketplace)


I’ll post the landmark when the event opens.

You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone - contest entry
[Verse 3: CHRISTINE]
Those who have seen your face
Draw back in fear
I am the mask you wear

It’s me they hear

On “Christine” :

KMH- Hair F149, @ Enchantment

Zibska– Adona Eye Shadow, @ Enchantment

Kungler’s– “Emmy” Necklace & Earrings set, @ Enchantment

Mooh!– Lace Gloves, (wearing Maitreya version) Texture Change HUD, @ Enchantment

Nantra– Music Of The Night pose #1, @ Enchantment

Tentacio– Can Be Magic Headpiece, wearing left side only. Pack includes, left and right sides plus crown, @kustom9

On “Phantom”-

Jeanette’s Joint- Opera Lurker BOM layer makeup, (unisex) @ Enchantment


Sing To Me My Angel Of Music

Sing To Me My Angel Of Music

Be Careful Christine! He may be a genius but he’s more than a bit mad…

More goodies from Enchantment’s “The Phantom Of The Opera” event!

On “Christine”-

Lomomo- Grandioso TEXchange Gown and Bolero, simple HUD changes the whole dress, complex changes parts of the dress, @ Enchantment

#187#– Bougeoir Opera, candlestick includes held and rez versions an texture change HUD for candles and holder, @ Enchantment

On “Phantom”-

Antaya– Erik outfit in black and white, other colors available, pants and shirt can be worn separately, @ Enchantment


Boudoir– Mirror Creeper (poses included) and Enchanted Music Sheets (animated) @ Enchantment

Xantes– Phantom Room set, Victorian Sofa, Book Candleholder, Pillar, Wide Curtain, Mesh Roses Bouquet, and Ceiling Chandelier (set includes fireplace, armchair, carpet and table not shown) @ Enchantment

Harshlands– Old Victorian Piano w/stool, playable, w/ texture HUD @ Enchantment


Music Of The Night

Music Of The Night

Enchantment’s Phantom Of The Opera event runs Nov.14th – Dec. 7th. There is so much to see there, here are just some of the goodies!

On “Christine”:

Silvan Moon Designs– Prima Donna Gown Set in Crimson ( other colors available) @ Enchantment

On “Phantom”:

Irrisistible Shop– Phantom Of The Opera outfit for men, mask, jacket, pants and shoes. Hair and cape/collar are included in the pack but are not worn in the picture. @ Enchantment


Pink Magic– Phantom Of The Opera Backdrop, @ Enchantment

Diversion Poses– Point of No Return pose @ Enchantment


The Phantom Of The Opera Is There Inside My Mind

The Phantom Of The Opera Is There Inside My Mind

Enchantment “Phantom Of The Opera” runs Nov. 14th – Dec.7th. If you have never seen the movie, it’s available and is amazing! If you are lucky enough to have seen this on stage, I envy you! Andrew Lloyd Webber turned this story into one of the longest running musicals ever. 🙂 Here’s some of the goodies you can expect at Enchantment’s “Phantom Of The Opera” event… ( I will post the landmark when the event opens)

On me:

no.match- no.phantom hair, a pretty ponytail with tendrils at the side and a topknot. Ribbon is show/hide, and you can change it’s color, @ Enchantment

LuluB– Christine Wreath, several metal and flower colors available, @ Enchantment

Static– Time Collar, show hide timepiece ( I have it hidden in my photo) available in several colors @ Enchantment

Simply Shelby– Masquerade Rose in Red, other colors available (look closely, it has phantom masks dangling from it!) @ Enchantment

Nefekalum Tattoos- Forgotten Masks tattoo in white, unisex, other colors available, @ Enchantment

Fugue– Operetta Dress, from the Darks pack, there are three different versions of the dress and Dark, Medium and Light color packs available, @ Enchantment


Harshlands– Phantom Mask, this is a wearable item and is their hunt gift. I rezzed and enlarged it and used it for decor. @ Enchantment (Do the hunt!)

Old Treasures- Mirror from the Phantom’s Opera set @ Enchantment

3rd Eye Perceptions- Catacomb Candles, v3, Gilded (complete with skull and bones) @ Enchantment

*SR*- (Spirit Representation) Various Roses set, Float Petal and Floor petal, both in red, other colors available, @ Enchantment

Serenity Style– Christine’s Gondola, @ Enchantment


Phantom’s Lair

Phantom's Lair

“Phantom Of The Opera” is coming to Enchantment ! This is a wonderful, slightly scary story of a deformed but brilliant architect/musician living under an opera house in Paris, called the Phantom because no one sees him, but they can see and feel his presence through his actions. The story was made into a musical by Andrew Lloyd Weber and a lavish movie was made in 2004 (well worth seeing). I’ll post the landmark when the event opens.

On me:

Irrisistible Shop– “Phantom Of The Opera” complete women’s outfit (there is a Phantom outfit for men too!) including gown, hair with stars, earrings and choker, @ Enchantment Nov. 14 – Dec. 7th.


NG Designs- The Phantom’s Lair, complete with lake, mirrors and candles (This is really an amazing build, you need to check out the demo!) @ Enchantment Nov. 14th – Dec. 7th.

Old Treasures– Pipe Organ and Couch with Blanket from the Phantom’s Opera set @ Enchantment Nov. 14th – Dec. 7th.




OOOOHHHH! I have never before seen a Bento Octopus avatar! I LOVE this one! Cecaelia Bento Avatar is by Jinx, maker of the amazing Centaur avatars. Cecaelia comes with an AO that controls the bottom half, and it works alongside your regular AO controlling your top half. This avatar comes with a texture HUD containing five texture choices, and two different sizes (please try the demo to be sure it will fit you!)

Jinx– Cecaelia Bento Avatar is at the Tombs Of The Ancients event, Oct. 20th – Nov. 3rd 2020.

Just keep swimming! 🙂