See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon

See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon
Chronicles & Legends round “Live Long, Prosper, & Use The Force” runs June 10- July 31.Her’s a couple more things from that, plus a few goodies from other places.

Scarlet Fey– Tano outfit, boots, arm wrap and armour @ Chronicles & Legends

New York Fallen– BB one Animesh Droid @ Chronicles & Legends

Monso– Ruda2 Hair @ Fameshed

Fashiowl– Moon Pose Set with moon prop in main store soon

Dimi’s– Dark Moon Backdrop in main store soon

Happy Shopping! πŸ™‚

Red Shirt Problems

Red Shirt Problems
Uh oh, it’s not looking good for poor Lieutenant Redshirt!

Chronicles & Legends’ theme this time is “Live Long, Prosper, And Use The Force”, a combined Star Trek and Star Wars theme running July 10th -31st.

Love these goodies on offer:

Bespoke– Alien Observer Head and BOM skin (wearing female version). I LOVE the detail in this head, I couldn’t resist it! @ Chronicles & Legends

Black Cat Creations– Star Armor, several versions available, I am wearing “Imperial” for Maitreya. Maitreya petite, Legacy and Legacy Perky versions also available. @ Chronicles & Legends

Audition– Galaxy Defender Lightsaber pose pack (includes lightsaber) @ Chronicles & Legends

Synergy– The Data Spaceship Backdrop (this is very detailed and versatile, many places to pose, I used the opposite end in my last post) @ Chronicles & Legends

Other stuff:

Set To Stun– Star Trek Uniform (on Lieutenant Redshirt) complete with boots on Marketplace

Red’s– Storm Trooper NPC comes in a set on Marketplace for 0 Lindens!

πŸ™‚ Happy Shopping!

Use The Force

Use The Force
“Live Long, Prosper, And Use The Force” is the great combined Star Trek/ Star Wars theme for this month’s Chronicles & Legends event, running July 10th (opening at noon SLT) through July 31st!

More great goodies on offer:

Loa– Rose skin, worn here in Porcelain BOM on Lelutka EvoX head Avalon and Maitreya body @ Chronicles & Legends

Zen Child Designs– Saber Eyeshadow Lelutka in many colors @ Chronicles & Legends

Cyberfactory- Commander Pol dress in red, wearing Maitreya fit, also fit for Legacy, in several colors @ Chronicles & Legends

Nanao– Combat Bandage, black, female fit, other colors available @Chronicles & Legends

Synergy– The Data Spaceship Backdrop @ Chronicles & Legends

[VSM]- Use The Force poses fatpack @ Chronicles & Legends

Kokolores Hair– Jesper, bought at Hair Fair, in main store soon if not already

πŸ™‚ Happy Shopping!

Assimilation Postponed Due To Infestation

Assimilation Postponed Due To Infestation
Chronicles And Legends event runs July 10th – 31st. The theme for this round is “Live Long, Prosper, And Use The Force” a Star Wars/ Star Trek inspired event! (The event opens at noon, if you try and go in early the security orb will bump you out.)

Yay Science Fiction! I love the space related goodies on offer, some of which are:

Rainbow Sundae– Assimilation Add On & Tattoo, @ Chronicles & Legends

Achromance– Millennium Tattoos for Lelutka EvoX and Maitreya (You can choose the accent color and choose white or black background color) Includes tattoos for Maitreya, Legacy, Evo, EvoX Tattoos for head & body including chest, arms, legs @ Chronicles & Legends

Art&Ko– Galaxy Protector Set (Mine is black, other colors available) Set includes dress, sleeves, belt (shown) and boots and lightsaber (not shown). @ Chronicles & Legends

Zibska– Padmini Makeup and Tattoos for BOM and EvoX Eyes & Lips, available in a rainbow of colors in the set, @ Chronicles & Legends

Serenity Style– Centerprise Control Room Backdrop @ Chronicles & Legends

(Tribbles are Photoshopped)


A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

β€œThe course of true love never did run smooth.”
― William Shakespeare, from “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Enchantment’s May round “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” runs May 8th – May 31st.

Aisha– Anabella Horns, Dark, @ Enchantment

Short Leash– Hermia’s Necklace, comes in unscripted or scripted versions ( Whim, Open Collar, Peanut) Choice of Cord and metal finishes with HUD @ Enchantment

Bliensen & MaiTai– Selene Earrings @ Enchantment

Shiny Stuffs– EVOX set, Soft Glossy Lips @ Enchantment

Zoom– Luna Dress in Black Maitreya version @ Enchantment

Zibska– Gitte Makeup (eyes) @ We Love Roleplay

Exile– Clover Hair @ Anthem


A Fairy Song

A Fairy Song
“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is the theme for Enchantment’s May round, May 8th- May 31st.

On me:

Antaya– Mimi Tunic and Flowers with texture change HUD @ Enchantment

Naminoke– Titania’s Fairy Horns #1, @ Enchantment

Harshlands– Faun Pan Flute, Mossy, Female and Male hold versions included @ Enchantment

Glam Affair– Rain Skin for Lelutka EvoX heads, @ Uber


Titans– The Forest Goddess Shrine, @ Fameshed

Titans– The Wandering Woods Large Flowers, Blue, purchased at Fantasy Faire (now closed) in main store soon.


Fairy Queen

Fairy Queen
Enchantment is open and the theme for this round is “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”! Fairies, spells and love, what could be better? In this picture I am Titania the Fairy Queen!

On me:

Poet’s Heart– Titania Dress, from the fapack @ Enchantment

Juna– Silene Tattoo, in Ultralight (also available in Dark and Medium) @ Enchantment

Lode– Johanna Wreath, light blue

no.match– no.midsummer hair @ Enchantment

Andore– Titania Wings RARE from the gacha @ Enchantment

Static– Elixir Of Attraction (True Love Potion) on necklace @ Enchantment


LOVE– Midsummer Night Deer, Midsummer Night Canopy and Fairy Light Canopy, Fairy Ferns @ Enchantment

Xantes- Forest Nest Bed @ Enchantment

3rd Eye- Gates Of Avalon @ Enchantment

Heart– Queen Anne’s Lace Wildflowers and grass at main store


Fairy Garden

Fairy Garden
You still have time to shop the Fantasy Faire! It’s been extended through May 12th!

Boudoir– Dress Maitreya, Pink Petals Breast cover, stomach , chest and *more petals (set includes flower hat, not shown) at Boudoir store in the Amethyst Rift at Fantasy Faire through May 12th

Tentacio– Enora Branch (headpiece) at Fameshed

Celeste- Seelie Fairy Wings at main store

Exile– Clover hair

Photo taken at The Wandering Woods sim, Fantasy faire 2021

Fantasy Faire, in it’s 13th year, benefits Relay For Life- The American Cancer Society and it’s vision of a world without Cancer.


Listens To The Language Of Birds

Listens To The Language Of Birds
You have until May 9th to shop and do the Quest “The Language Of Birds” at Fantasy Faire 2021! This picture was taken at The Seventh Valley, the quest sim at Fantasy Faire 2021. If that wasn’t enough, another round of Enchantment opens May 8th and runs until the 31st! Fantasy all month long!

Loa– Aine skin for Lelutka Evo-X heads in Opal, soon at Enchantment

Rainbow Sundae– Forest Horns 1 at Rainbow Sundae store at Fantasy Faire (direct link) on the j’adoube sim

NG Designs– Midsummr Maiden Hair and Maiden Wreath, soon at Enchantment

Petrichor– Areleus Outfit and Areleus Wings at the Petrichor store at Fantasy Faire (direct link) on the Cerulean Bombora sim

Chimaera– Fantasy Faire Necklace and Earrings, at the Chimaera store at Fantasy Faire (direct link) on the A’Dracunas sim

Fantasy Faire, in it’s 13th year, benefits The American Cancer Society- Relay For Life, working toward the vision of a world without Cancer.


Citadel Of The Dreamer

Citadel Of The Dreamer
Before time as it was known, an entity fell from the heavens and embedded itself into the stone where it came to rest; until it too became part of the earth. Its passing brought unusual powers to the surrounding lands, and gifted the few who uncovered it the means to forge a civilization. In the compact city of Somniatoris Arx, industrious businesses are suspended skyward; filled with towering buildings carved by artisans of the sacred dreamer’s tomb as if to mimic cathedrals in its honour. A cacophony of bells rings from every cardinal direction, stirring the fallen spirit from its long slumber below. (From the Fantasy Faire Website)

I pay my respects to the Fallen Dreamer, thanking it for the advantages it has brought me.

Kotolier– Dress Fraurein comes in many colors and can be worn with or without ruffles, at Kotolier Faire Store in j’adoube Fantasy Faire 2021

Somniatoris Arx sim

Fairlands Junction, a portal to all Fantasy Faire sims

Fantasy Faire 2021, in it’s 13th year, benefits The American Cancer Society- Relay For Life to help achieve the vision of a world without Cancer.